Student Learning

Congratulations on taking this big but exciting step of moving from your own familiar world to a foreign one. You are probably already a very successful student in your own country. However, we have learned through many conversations with international students that sometimes when you arrive, you may not clearly understand what Victoria University expects. Don't worry, though. We offer you lots of support:

Understanding expectations of teachers

You can learn about what Victoria's teachers want from their students by:

  • doing the free PALS programme (Preparation for Academic Life and Study)

  • coming to free workshops at Student Learning

  • coming to a free individual appointment with a learning adviser

  • looking at our material on critical thinking

  • looking at our plagiarism and referencing material

Improving your writing skills

Some international students want help in writing essays and other assignments. They also like to get help with their grammar. If you want help in these areas:

Knowing how to reference well and avoid plagiarism

This is very important at Victoria. Some international students are not used to referencing every idea they take from other authors. At Victoria you must do this, whether you quote (write the exact words) or paraphrase (use your own words). If you don't acknowledge all your sources you might lose marks or you might even be asked to leave the university. To understand more about this:

  • learn paraphrasing, summarising and referencing skills at PALS

  • look at our material on this topic

Improving your English

Although you have gained an appropriate IELTS (or other) score to get entry to Victoria, you will need to continue perfecting your English. Most 200 and 300 level courses require a higher standard of English than 100 level papers. To improve your English:

Improving your study skills

Student Learning offers many workshops on study skills such as note-taking, effective listening, and exam preparation and time management. These workshops are free and you can come to as many as you want. Also check out some handy hints in our Studyhub online resource library.

Improving your intercultural skills

Student Learning offers an intercultural skills course EXCELL. The course offers you intercultural communication skills and helps you to improve your understanding of New Zealand culture.

Doing postgraduate study

If you have arrived at Victoria and are about to do post graduate study you can: