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Alumni as Mentors Programme

Explore your options. Grow your potential.

Alumni as Mentors (AAM) Programme connects final-year students with Victoria alumni who are experienced mentors in the workforce. You can find out more information about the programme below, read this article from the Spring 2016 edition of Victorious or email


Applications for the 2018 programme open February-March 2018. To apply please view the relevant section below


This year we are launching the Alumni as Mentors Online Programme, which will connect Victoria students with mentors from across New Zealand and globally. Find out more about the Alumni as Mentors online programme.

2017 programme report

Are you Victoria alumni not based in Wellington, or a current student wanting to connect with a mentor online?
We're launching the Alumni as Mentors Online Programme to connect Victoria students with mentors across New Zealand and the globe.

Photos from 2017

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Need a mentor?

Learn from an experienced mentor, develop your employability skills and a better understanding of the world of work

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Mentees: why join?

"I think the majority of Victoria students should take up this opportunity if they can. It is so helpful to have a supportive mentor that guides you and is available for a chat when you need to talk things through. As a busy student, I appreciated the reassurance that I received from my mentor."
- Mentee in 2016 AAM Programme
"It was great to have guidance from someone who went through the same thing like me. Someone who is really in my shoes to understand the difficulties fresh graduates face and plan out a career ahead."
- Mentee in 2015 AAM Programme
"At the start of the programme, I didn't have a clear idea of what opportunities there were for graduates in policy roles, so my mentor helped me figure out which departments have graduate programmes, what other types of jobs I might apply for on finishing, and other actions I could take to improve my job prospects."
- Mentee in 2014 AAM Programme

Want to mentor a student?

Enhance your own personal and professional development, and gain satisfaction from 'giving back'

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Mentors: why join?

"I think the partnership we have is beneficial for both of us. I am getting better at communicating ideas and advice to my mentee in a way that I think she can benefit from. I have been able to help her with recruitment materials and what to expect during the recruitment phase."
- Mentor in 2016 AAM Programme
"I have learned so much alongside my mentee. Seeing myself through her eyes, and my career has been amazing. I've also gained enormous pleasure in seeing her grow in confidence."
- Mentor in 2015 AAM Programme
"I enjoyed the opportunity to help someone navigate their final year at university, give back to community, and also to strengthen my network with others."
- Mentor in 2014 AAM Programme