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How we can help you

How we can help you

  • Liaise with Faculty and School staff to organise employer and career presentations relevant to their discipline. For example our Careers in Focus Seminars bring Vic Alumni and students together to explore a range of employment opportunities in their subject/discipline area.
  • Facilitate relationships between Faculty/Schools and the business community
  • Assist in the recruitment of tutors and other staff by advertising Faculty and School vacancies on Victoria Careerhub
  • Provide Faculties with graduate destination data

How can I find out information on what types of jobs students get once they complete their qualification?

  • A list of Victoria graduate destinations taken from the most recent survey and broken down into major subject areas is available here. Links to previous graduate destination surveys can be found in the right hand column on this page
  • Annually the Faculties/Schools are provided by Careers and Employment with a report on where their graduates find employment. If you would like further information please contact Liz Medford at either 463 5390 or by email address

What other services and resources can we provide?

  • Popular publications available in both hard copy and pdf, such as the Career View and Career Essentials series' providing information on careers and employment. Hard copies can be requested from Careers and Employment at 463 5393
  • What can I do with my degree - pages with information on possible career paths for some of the more popular subject areas
  • Our Careers resource library with information on employers and job vacancies, further study and scholarships, work and study overseas, occupational information, and job search strategies