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Advertising Jobs

Advertise employment positions to over 22,000 Victoria students and over 200,000 graduates nationwide! Advertisements are welcomed for all types of positions:

  • Casual/part-time/contract/special projects
  • Full-time
  • Internship, vacation or work experience
  • Voluntary
  • Scholarships

Organisations electronically submit and manage details of all opportunities/vacancies via NZUniCareerHub This is an efficient, cost effective service for those seeking to employ current students or recent and not so recent graduates for a wide range of full-time or part-time positions. All listings are subject to approval.

Tips for advertising jobs:

  • When setting your closing date check trimester and examination dates to avoid clashes.
  • Ensure your application requirements are clear. Identify the method(s) of application you will accept i.e. online, postal, email and documents required i.e. CV, application form, covering letter, academic transcript, references/referees.
  • When requesting online applications incorporate a 'save' function. Because of time constraints students need to be able to return to partially completed applications.
  • Similarly, incorporate a 'print' function so that students can keep a copy of their applications and prepare effectively for interviews.