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Senior Lecturer School of Management


Teaching in 2019


Sally Riad’s research is based on critical approaches to management topics including mergers and acquisitions, culture, identity and leadership. What binds these together is Sally’s interest in difference and its role in shaping views on organization.

Sally has extensively researched mergers, both public and private, and has published papers and presented seminars on various aspects of their processes. Earlier in her career, her doctoral research on merger integration had received two international awards (2004 US and 2005 UK). She was subsequently awarded a Marsden grant for new research into the dynamics of difference in organizational mergers and acquisitions.

Sally’s research has also addressed the social and historical facets of organization and leadership by analysing language, tropes, discourse and paradox. Further interests include literary, visual and media analysis as well as creative forms of organizational representation. Her work has appeared in international journals including Journal of Management Studies, Leadership Quarterly, Culture and Organization, Industrial Relations Journal, Journal of Management History, Organization and Organization Studies.

Sally teaches strategic management, knowledge management and research methods, contributing to postgraduate, post-experience and undergraduate programs. She has served as the Research Convener for the School of Management, and previously led the Master’s and PhD programs. Sally has a background in science and the arts, building on both in her work. Earlier in her career, she was a management practitioner, an experience that lends a pragmatic emphasis to her research and teaching roles.



Research interests

Critical perspectives on:

  • Mergers, acquisitions and value
  • Culture and communication
  • Discourse, tropes and narrative
  • Difference and identity
  • Leadership, gender and representation
  • International management and relations

Areas of PhD supervision

Sally has supervised PhD and Master’s theses on mergers and acquisitions, leadership, gender, managerial and national identities, sustainability and paradox as well as organizational language, narrative and discourse. She supervises PhDs that adopt a critical or creative approach to organization, management or leadership, with specific interest in topics that examine difference, its construction and its constraining or enabling effects.

Publications and presentations


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Book chapter

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Conference papers

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Conference presentations

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Edited collections

Riad, S. Taking Pines to Pasture: Merging the Ministries of Agriculture and Forestry: Case 10 in Cases in Public Sector Innovation, Wellington, Victoria Link Ltd, 2001, 48pp.


Riad, S. 'Managing the Merger Integration Process: A Social Constructionist Perspective'. PhD


Teaching in 2019