Associate Professor Michael Macaulay

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Professor of Public Administration School of Government


Teaching in 2019

Research interests

Integrity, ethics, anti-corruption

Faculty role

A/Prof Michael Macaulay also has a Faculty role as Associate Dean, Professional Education


Associate Professor Michael Macaulay is a previous director of the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies, and is also a senior lecturer at the School of Government. He is currently a Visiting Professor at the Universities of Sunderland (UK) and York St John (UK), and is a former Visiting Professor at the University of Johannesburg (South Africa). He has published extensively in the fields of integrity, ethics and anti-corruption in leading international journals.

From 2013-2016 Michael was the co-editor of the International Journal of Public Administration. He has edited several special issues Including Public Administration Review and International Review of Administrative Sciences, and he sits on the editorial boards of several other journals. He was appointed co-chair of the European Group of Public Administration (EGPA) permanent study group on integrity and quality of governance in 2011.

Away from academia, Michael spent seven years as a judge in the UK (Teesside Bench) and has worked with numerous government agencies and NGOs in New Zealand and internationally, including the NZ Police, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) the Council of Europe and Transparency International. He has represented New Zealand at the OGP Global summit (2015) and the inaugural Asia-Pacific Regional Summit in 2014 and works extensively with civil society and government agencies to promote OGP initiatives throughout the country.

Selected publications

  • Macaulay, M and Gregory, R. (2016) ‘So Near Yet So Far: Implications of the Organised Crime and Anti-corruption Legislation Bill’ Journal of Criminal Law 80, 1: pp. 17-27
  • Macaulay, M (2015) ‘Discourses of deceit: political myth and ideological capital in public administration’ in A. Lawton, Z. Van Der Wal and L. Huberts eds. Ethics in Public Policy and Management A Global Research Companion London: Routledge 51-67
  • Macaulay, M. (2014) ‘The Open Government Partnership: what are the challenges and opportunities for New Zealand? Policy Quarterly – 10, 2, 36-43
  • Lawton, A. and Macaulay, M (2014) ‘Localism in practice: investigating citizen participation and good governance in local government standards of conduct’ Public Administration Review 74, 1
  • Macaulay, M, Newman, C, Hickey, G (2014) ‘Towards a Model of the Local Integrity System: learning the lessons from Great Britain’, International Journal of Public Administration 37, 2
  • Macaulay. M and Arjoon. S, "An Aristotelian-Thomistic Approach to Professional Ethics," Journal of Markets & Morality 16, no. 2 (Fall 2013): 507-527
  • Macaulay, M, Hickey, G and Begum, N (2013) ‘The Ethical Fault Lines in English Local Government’, in Looking for Consensus?: Civil Society, Social Movements and Crises for Public Management (Critical Perspectives on International Public Management Vol 2,) edited by John Diamond and Joyce Liddle (London: Emerald)


Teaching in 2019