Emeritus Professor Lawrie Corbett


MBA - Cranfield

BE (Chemical and Materials) - Auckland

Research interests

  • Quality management

  • Operations strategy


Operations Management Society

Decision Sciences Institute

Academy of Management

Inaugural presentation

Manufacturing in New Zealand: from second division to the premier league?

Publications and presentations


Corbett, L.M. 'Manufacturing strategy, the business environment and operations performance in small, low-tech firms', (forthcoming) International Journal of Production Research, (2007).

Cavana, R.Y., Corbett, L.M. and Lo, G. 'Extending the SERVQUAL model to  link service quality and customer satisfaction in passenger rail services', International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management, Vol. 24, 1 (2007), pp. 7-31.

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Books/scholarly editions

Campbell-Hunt, C. Brocklesby, J. Chetty, S. Corbett, L. Davenport, S. Jones, D. and Walsh, P. World Famous in New Zealand: How New Zealand's Leading Firms became World-class Competitors , (Auckland, Auckland University Press, 2001). 


Corbett, L. Brocklesby, J. and Campbell-Hunt, C. 'Thinking and Acting: Complexity Management for Sustainable Business', in G. Friozelle and H. Richards (eds), Tackling Industrial Complexity, (Cambridge: Institute for Manufacturing, 2002), pp. 83-96, Professor John Brocklesby (Author).

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Corbett, L. 'Quality Management and Business Performance: Evidence and Implications for the Theory of the Islamic Firm' in Expert Consultation: A Quality Standard Based on the Islamic Perspective, (Kuala Lumpur, Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia, 2000), pp. 12-20.

Conference presentations

Angell, Linda and Corbett, L. 'Factors Influencing Continuous Improvement Toward Business Excellence in New Zealand: A Quality Tools Approach', Western Decision Sciences Annual Meeting, (Kauai, April 2003). Dr Linda Angell (Author).

Corbett, L., 'Developing Global Operations from a Small, Isolated Country', Proceedings of 12th Annual Conference of Production Operations Management Society, (Orlando, March 2001).

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Corbett, L. 'The Development of Operations Management Capability in Response to Disturbances to Balance and Coherence', Symposium: The Evolution of Competitive Capability, Australia New Zealand Academy of Management Conference, (Sydney, December 2000).

Major reports

Campbell-Hunt, C. Brocklesby, J. Chetty, S. Corbett, L. Davenport, S. Gawth, A. and Mattear, S. Collaboration and Linkages between SMEs in New Zealand; a report for Ministry of Economic Development, 118pp. Professor John Brocklesby, (Course Coordinator), Professor Sally Davenport, (Author).

Published conference papers

Corbett, L.M. 'Business Excellence Programs and Award Scores: Effort and reward', Proceedings of 3rd ANZAM Operations Management Symposium, (Yeppoon, 2005).

Corbett, L.M. 'Manufacturing strategy, the business environment, and operations performance in small low tech firms', Proceedings of the 36th Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute, (San Francisco, 2005).

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Corbett, L. and Angell, L. 'The 'Barbed Wire Barrier' in Business Excellence in New Zealand', in Graham Elkin (ed), Proceedings of the 18th Annual Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (Dunedin, ANZAM, 2004), CD-ROM, 15pp. Dr Linda Angell (Author).

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Dr Colin Campbell-Hunt (Author).

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Working and occasional papers

Campbell-Hunt, Colin and Corbett, L. 'The Path to Competitive Advantage: Strategic Development in New Zealand Firms During the 1990s', in John Yeabsley (ed), Global Player? Benchmarking New Zealand's Competitive Upgrade, Research Monograph 67, (Wellington, NZ Institute of Economic Research, 2001), pp. 25-40, Dr Colin Campbell-Hunt (Author).