Dr Kala Retna

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Senior Lecturer School of Management


Teaching in 2019

Research interests

Organisational learning, learning organisation, culture, school leadership management, learning in higher education, cross-cultural management, design thinking.


Kala has a background both in management and education, and her research has canvassed the cultural dynamics that confronts learning models, such as the ‘learning organisation’ concept. Kala teaches organisational behaviour at various levels including undergraduates and post experience, and also has extensive experience in professional development, facilitation and teaching in diverse cultural backgrounds. She brings a wealth of experience from her earlier career in Singapore as a management practitioner and trainer to her roles in teaching and research.


MEd (Sheffield), PhD (Victoria University Wellington), Associate Diploma for Teachers (ATCL), UK

Research interests

  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Learning organisation
  • Organisational learning
  • National culture
  • Learning in higher education

For potential PhD applicants – please note my current research focus is on learning organisation, culture and learning in higher education and schools.

Publications and presentations


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Conference presentations

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Retna, K. S. (2005) “National Culture and Senge's Learning Organisation”, PhD.


VUW Teaching Excellence Award - 2011.

New Researcher's Grant - 2006.


Teaching in 2019