Dr Jesse Pirini

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Lecturer School of Management


Teaching in 2019


Jesse is a lecturer in Management. Prior to his appointment at Victoria University of Wellington, Jesse held a Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Multimodal Research Centre at Auckland University of Technology.

Jesse’s research and teaching focuses on communication and interaction in organisational settings. He takes a multimodal perspective, exploring how people use their bodies, environments, and objects in interaction. His most recent publications develop theoretical/methodological tools for multimodal analysis, in particular relating to agency and intersubjectivity. Jesse is also the editor of the Oxford Bibliographies entry on Multimodal Discourse Analysis.  

Jesse develops practical applications of his work, and was awarded the Beeby Fellowship in 2014 to develop a resource for schools to train peer tutors. He also works with community and iwi groups to support education and capability development initiatives, and received a Curious Minds grant in 2017 to support this work.


PhD, Auckland University of Technology
BCS (Hons), Auckland University of Technology
BCom, Management, Otago University
BSc, Neuroscience, Otago University

Areas of potential supervision

Multimodal perspectives on interaction
Knowledge communication
Business coaching and mentoring
Māori and indigenous business
Agency and intersubjectivity in interaction
Video and technology mediated communication (e.g. Skype)

Selected publications

Pirini, J. (2017a). Agency and Co-production: A Multimodal Perspective. Multimodal Communication, 6(2), 1–20.

Pirini, J. (2017b). Approaches to Multimodal Discourse Analysis: Oxford Bibliographies Online Research Guide. In P. Moy (Ed.), Oxford Bibliographies in Communication. New York: Oxford University Press.

Pirini, J. (2017c). Peer tutoring: A training and facilitation guide. Wellington, NZ: NZCER Press.

Norris, S., & Pirini, J. (2017). Communicating knowledge, getting attention, and negotiating disagreement via videoconferencing technology: A multimodal analysis. Journal of Organizational Knowledge Communication, 3(1), 23–48.

Pirini, J. (2014). Producing Shared Attention/Awareness in High School Tutoring. Multimodal Communication, 3(2), 163–179.

Pirini, J., Norris, S., Geenen, J., & Matelau, T. (2014). Studying social actors: Some thoughts on ethics. In S. Norris & C. Maier (Eds.), Interactions, Texts and Images: A Reader in Multimodality (1st ed., Vol. 1, pp. 233–243). New York: Mouton de Gruyter.

Pirini, J. (2013). Analysing business coaching: Using modal density as a methodological tool. Multimodal Communication, 2(2), 195–215.


Teaching in 2019