Associate Professor Jane Bryson

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Associate Professor School of Management

Faculty role

A/Prof Jane Bryson also has a Faculty role as Associate Dean – Research.


Jane joined the academic staff at VUW in 1999, prior to this she has worked as a Human Resources Manager in the public sector, and as a management consultant for twelve years in New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain.

Jane's research currently focuses on three themes:

  • the investigation of HRM, organisational and individual capability
  • employment relations and organisational change
  • professionals and managers

Jane has supervised PhD students with topics in the areas of Employee Engagement, Mentoring in the workplace, Socialisation of newcomers to organisations, Recognition of scientific entrepreneurs, Human Capability and Industry Training, and theses in areas of human resource management issues, health service management, and Organisational Psychology issues.


  • BSc (Otago) in Psychology
  • MSc(Hons) (Canterbury) in Industrial/Organisational Psychology
  • PhD (Well) "A comparison of medical ethics and managerial ethics in the health sector."

Research interests

Publications and presentations


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