PhD research and student profiles

To find out more about our PhD students, their research and how to contact them, visit their individual profile pages via the links below.

Barbara Bedeschi-Lewando

Asia-Pacific innovation labs for the realisation of the SDGs

Sarah Bickerton

Women & #NZPol: New Zealand women Twitter users & political participation construction

Carolyn Blackford

The role of climate clubs in climate change mitigation.

Rose Cole

Non-political staff in Ministerial Offices: Navigating the 'event horizon' between politics and the Public Service

Ros Coote

Seeing stewardship as it unfolds: What will stewardship become in the context of New Zealand state sector reforms?

Hoa Viet Dao

Comparative studies on transport investment under state budget and PPP in a developing country

Ningxin Ding

The economic analysis of SSB taxes - a model with substitutes and complements

Timothy Foote

Developing community capacity for conflict

James Gluck

Trading in influence

Greta Gordon

Collaborative governance in the New Zealand public sector: Enabling participation

Mark Harris

The application of practical custom in agencies with respect to service and experience and leadership

Nicholas Huntington

Power and evidence in New Zealand skills policy: Understanding policy practitioners' engagement with evidence

Elly Kinkin

Assessing the PNG government's capacity to manage the LNG project

Samradhni Jog

Leadership in e-Government

Kristen Maynard

He kakano no rangitea wairua in a public service context

Mandy McGirr

Responding to youth deemed to be at-risk or NEET: A realist inquiry into New Zealand youth transition policy and programmes

Jaimie Monk

"Just give me some space". The effect of poverty on child development: the role of stress, cognitive load and screen time

Toby Moore

Downwards nominal wage rigidity and public policy in New Zealand

Nicola Ngawati

How does New Zealand’s diplomatic practice reflect our bicultural identity?

Khoa Nguyen

Health insurance and health-related behaviours in Vietnam

Trang Thu Nguyen

Public servant’s work motivation in Vietnam in the context of a shift from the career-based to the position-based system

Lindsey Pointer

Justice performed: The normative transformative and proleptic dimensions of restorative justice rituals

Sarah Roth Shank

Institutionalising Restorative Justice? Gains, losses, and New Zealand's current criminal justice system

Wimonmat (Molly) Srichamroen

Through the lens of network: The study of local government organisations in health care policy implementation for an ageing population in Thailand

Mpaphi Tsholofelo

Good governance and economic diversification

Hoa Vo

Assessing policy success in Vietnam: A case of farming land policy for ethnic minorities from 2002 to 2020

Wahyutama Wahyutama

Social media and youth political participation in Indonesia

Richard Williams

How has governance influenced public sector ICT Shared Services in New Zealand?

Stephanie Worboys

Exploring the relationship between justice and forgiveness

Masashi Yui

An exploration of the relationship between government type and bureaucratic structural reorganisation in New Zealand, 1960-2014