Professor Michael Macaulay

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Professor of Public Administration School of Government


Teaching in 2019

Research interests

Integrity, ethics, anti-corruption


Michael Macaulay is Professor of Public Administration at the School of Government.  He was previously Professor of Public Management at Teesside University (UK), and has held visiting professor posts in the UK and South Africa.

Michael’s research interests are ethics, integrity and anti-corruption within a public management and policy context.  He has published over 100 academic papers; is Associate Managing Editor of Public Integrity and is a former (2013-2016) co-executive editor of International Journal of Public Administration.  He sits on the editorial boards of several other journals.  Since 2012 Michael has been co-chair of the European Group of Public Administration (EGPA) permanent study group on integrity and quality of governance.

In 2019 Michael is course co-ordinator for GOVT 514 Leading Change in Public and Community Organisations and GOVT 534 Public Integrity.

Away from academia, Michael spent seven years as a judge in the UK (Teesside Bench) and has worked with numerous government agencies and NGOs in New Zealand and internationally. He has worked with numerous government agencies and NGOs including the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) the Council of Europe and Transparency International.   Within New Zealand, he has co-authored evaluations on NZ Police and the State Services Commission.  He has advised SSC, SFO, MoJ, and numerous other agencies on anti-corruption, workplace misconduct and whistleblowing.

Selected publications

  • Macaulay, M. (2018) ‘Looking back, moving forward: reflections on the developments in the field of Quality and Integrity of Governance’, in The past and the future of EGPA: a community at the heart of the administrative sciences ed. E. Ongario, (Brussels: Bruylant)
  • Macaulay, M (2018) ‘Ethics and Integrity’, The Palgrave Handbook of Public Administration Public Management in Europe, eds. E. Ongario and S. Von Thiel (London: Palgrave)
  • Lawton, A & M. Macaulay (2017) ‘From Birth to Death: The Life of The Standards Board for England’ Public Administration Review  77, 5, pp.720-729
  • Macaulay, M & S. Mulcahy (2017) ‘Exploring the Impacts of the National Integrity System assessments’ Journal of Crime, Law and Social Change 68 pp: 293–308
  • Macaulay, M. and Gluck, J (2017) ‘A Dialogue on Anti-Corruption: When do state obligations become real?’ Public Integrity 20, 3, pp. 211-219
  • Gluck, J. and Macaulay, M. (2017) ‘Trading in influence: a research agenda for New Zealand?’, Policy Quarterly, 13, 2, pp. 49-55
  • Macaulay, M and Gregory, R. (2016) ‘So Near Yet So Far: Implications of the Organised Crime and Anti-corruption Legislation Bill’ Journal of Criminal Law 80, 1: pp. 17-27


Teaching in 2019