Alex Zuur

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Research Fellow School of Government

Research interests

  • Application of restorative practices to address institutional harm
  • Co-designing reconciliation processes with impacted communities
  • Using restorative processes to build trust between state institutions and communities
  • Developing restorative processes in response to adverse events and healthcare harm


Alex Zuur is a highly experienced restorative justice facilitator and social worker. She has spent the past ten years overseas and worked in a range of front line criminal justice reform and advocacy roles in Italy, Canada and the United States. In Vancouver, she worked as a front line prison outreach worker and managed a community based court diversion restorative justice program. During her time in New York, she worked for the National Network for Safe Communities and conducted action research to apply restorative justice principles to the crisis of mistrust between police and communities. There she led the reconciliation portfolio of a US. Department of Justice funded pilot project and advised police departments around the country on ways to implement a city wide reconciliation process that acknowledges harm and creates meaningful change. She is currently developing and working on a number of different restorative projects related to health care harm, such a nationwide listening circle process with people impacted by surgical mesh.

Alex holds a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of British Columbia and a Masters of Science in Social Work from Columbia University. She is also trained as a trauma informed yoga teacher and has a number of advanced certifications in complex restorative justice case facilitation.

Alex also enjoys the opportunity to give back to her community as a restorative justice facilitator through the Wellington Community Law Center and as a Search and Rescue Volunteer with Wellington LandSAR.