Seminar Presentation: The Ground Between: Navigating the oil and mining debate in New Zealand

Watch video of the presentation on 17 November 2017

Speaker: Sefton Darby, author and Sydney-based consultant

There is a deep dysfunction in the way we talk about oil and mining. Battles over oil and mining developments in New Zealand are fierce and polarised. Often presented as a simple trade-off between conservation or quick profit, the debate leaves little space for discussion across ideological divides.

This lunchtime seminar was put on in collaboration with Bridget Williams Books and the School of Government and was given by Sefton Darby, author of The Ground Between: Navigating the Oil and Mining Debate in New Zealand, Sefton provided a rare account from someone who has worked within this contested arena. Seeking to reset the debate within a global context, his book is ultimately about how we – as a country – make decisions around contentious issues.

Sefton Darby is a Sydney-based consultant for strategy development, community engagement and overseas aid and development projects. He has the rare experience of having worked for government regulators, private mining companies, and NGOs.