Seminar presentation: Leadership, power and conflict in 'core executives' of Westminster system democracies

Professor Patrick Dunleavy presents some theories and observations on alternative views of core executive patterns.

In his presentation on Thursday 15 February, Professor Dunleavy talks about leadership, power and conflict in core executives, and gives three key explanations involving portfolio overlaps, succession crises and large majority win thresholds.

Speaker: Patrick John Dunleavy is Professor of Political Science and Public Policy within the Government Department of the London School of Economics (LSE). He is also Co-Director of Democratic Audit and Chair of the LSE Public Policy Group. Dunleavy is a prominent political theorist specialising in the fields of public policy and government. His research has focused on the concepts of sectors and sectoral conflicts, rational choice theories of politics, the bureau-shaping model of bureaucracy, and the claimed contemporary public management paradigm of digital era governance. Dunleavy is a frequent blogger on the LSE's British Politics and Policy site.