Student and alumni profiles

Find out what study in our School is like—read what our current and past students have to say about their experiences.

Meenu Jose draws images on a whiteboard

Meenu Jose

With a career path firmly set in teaching, PhD candidate Meenu Mariya Jose, realised that to be a great teacher she first had to be a great student.

Master's graduate, Maddie White sits in front of a window

Maddie White

Master of Applied Statistics graduate, Maddie White, now works in public health research.

Darcy Webber sits at a computer that shows a graph

Darcy Webber

A passion for fishing and the outdoors saw Darcy Webber gravitate towards a related career, only to discover that statistics is applicable to almost any field.

Master's candidate, Grace Clendon, stands in front of green vegetation at Kelburn campus

Grace Clendon

With a BSc in Ecology and Biodiversity, Grace decided that a Master of Applied Statistics would help set her up for a career in conservation.

Ross Engelbrecht stands in the corridor of the ACC building.

Ross Engelbrecht

Ross always knew he wanted to be an actuary, so when the Actuarial Science major was introduced, there was no question that that was where he was meant to be.

Clea Molano sits at a table with a laptop in front of her and a blackboard with white chalk writing behind her.

Clea Molano

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics graduate Clea Molano now works at a data analyst at Garage Project.

Emma Vitz in front of a dark background

Emma Vitz

Emma started with a single major in Psychology but found she really enjoyed the statistics element, and began taking more and more statistics courses.

Kylie Reiri, wearing a white shirt and black jacket, stands in front of a white background

Kylie Reiri

Kylie completed a Master of Science in Applied Statistics at this University and has been involved with data ever since.

Stefan stands in front Wellington city, wearing glasses and a cap.

Stefan Krawczyk

Victoria University of Wellington alumnus, Stefan, uses data science and software engineering to help clients find clothes that they love at Stitch Fix.