Research in the Statistics Group covers a wide range of areas in both theoretical and applied probability and statistics.

Actuarial Science and Financial Mathematics

Research interests in this area include stochastic modelling using Levy processes and mathematics of finance and insurance.

Bayesian statistics

This covers theoretical developments, computational aspects and applications of Bayesian methods. Staff involved include:

Categorical data

Interests include analysis and method development for ordinal response data. Other research interests include generalised linear mixed models, joint categorical and non-categorical response model with clustering, and logistic regression models.

Operations research

Staff interests include stochastic operations research methods. Specific interests are warranty analysis and reliability theory.

in forecasting in financial applications.

Probability theory and stochastic processes

Research interests include asymptotic statistics, empirical processes, martingale methods in statistics, statistical theory of diversity and the intersection of spatial statistical problems and geometry. has research interests in time series theory and applications.has research interests in Levy processes, optimal stopping and applied probability.

Statistical modelling, estimation and testing

There are interests in modeling of directional and geophysics data, categorical data and survival data. Dr Hirose also has interests in model selection methods, profile likelihood estimation, finite mixture models, EM algorithm and semi-parametric models, sampling and estimation theory. There are also research interests in goodness-of-fit testing. Dr Laura Dumitrescu has research interests in estimation theory, including small area estimation, quasi-likelihood methods for correlated data, measurement error models for repeated measurements and estimation methods for complex sampling surveys.

Statistical applications

A number of staff are involved in statistical applications in various fields. These include: geophysics and epidemiology, biomedical statistics , finance and insurance, fisheries science , x.

Statistics and Engineering

Prof Peter Smith has research interests in telecommunications and Statistics in Engineering.

Time series and forecasting

Dr John Haywood has interests in time series, forecasting and seasonal adjustments. Prof Estate Khmaladzehas interests in forecasting in financial applications.