Welcome from the Head of the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

Dr Peter Donelan
Dr Peter Donelan

Nau mai, haere mai! Welcome to the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

The mathematical sciences lie at the core of so many aspects of modern life. Despite its long history, mathematics is more vibrant and creative today than ever before, as we attempt to answer some of the deep problems that drive discovery and to apply our knowledge and understanding across the sciences, engineering, commerce, humanities, social sciences, education, architecture and design.

Our school offers undergraduate courses with majors and minors in Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science. Many students combine these with majors from around the University.

Our majors open up a wealth of career paths that depend on the abilities to reason clearly and logically, abstract and generalise ideas, compute symbolically, and model the world around us. These are the characteristics we foster in our students. When you study the mathematical sciences you will learn to handle the frustrations that can arise when tackling hard problems and the intellectual satisfaction that comes from solving them.

Postgraduate students have a wide variety of topics and supervisors to choose from in their research. The research undertaken covers a wide range of theoretical and applied problems, including the limits of computation and logical reasoning, cosmology, biometrics of New Zealand flora and fauna, demographic and health statistics, modelling volcanic eruptions, warranty and reliability analysis, the mathematics of discrete structures, algorithms for optimisation, number theory, analysis of infinite-dimensional space, robot geometry and much more.

Victoria is New Zealand’s most research-intensive university and mathematics is the country’s most internationally recognised research subject, attracting outstanding researchers from around the world. Our School brings together some of New Zealand's leading researchers in their fields. Both staff and students have won numerous external and internal research grants and many have received prizes and awards for their work. We retain a strong commitment to excellence in teaching, to which all our academic staff contribute, and our students often go on to advanced study in leading universities overseas, as well as into leading roles in government research, commerce and industry.

We welcome international students in our diverse School, with staff and postgraduate students hailing from all corners of the globe. 

Dr Peter Donelan

Head of School