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  • Statistics student competes at Mathsport

    The School of Mathematics and Statistics continues its successful collaboration with Wellington’s data consultancy, DOT Loves Data and its lead partner and School adjunct, Dr Paul Bracewell.

  • View from the captain’s deck of the Tangaroa on the Chatham Rise. The front of the ship is shown clearly with the ocean and various seabirds out ahead.

    Open Wide

    Deep-sea fish have large gapes so they can eat everything they encounter, which might make them resilient to ecosystem changes, says postdoctoral researcher, Dr Monique Ladds.

  • Lisa Clark Awarded Kalman Prize

    Lisa Orloff Clark for her award of the NZ Mathematical Society Kalman Prize for 2017 for the article:Jonathan H. Brown, Lisa Orloff Clark, Cynthia Farthing and Aidan Sims. Simplicity of algebras associated to etale groupoids. Semigroup Forum 88(2014), 433-452.