Tutors and the tutorial programme

Tutors are an integral part of course delivery and provide a fundamental and supportive link between lecturers and students.

The undergraduate programme in the School of Marketing and International Business is built around an extensive tutorial programme for 100-, 200- and 300-level courses.

Tutors are an integral part of course delivery and provide a fundamental and supportive link between lecturers and students.

We invite applications from 300-level students, postgraduate students, and BCom graduates with either a Marketing or International Business Major (or equivalent), preferably with experience of SMIB courses and the VUW environment.

Tutor applications 2019

Tutor Applications ARE NOW OPEN for T1, 2019. Please send your application by email to Helen Hynes consisting of a brief cover letter stating why you would like to tutor, what value you feel you can add, your insights on the tutorial programme, an overview of your grades to date, academic aspirations (or otherwise) and any associated or relevant experience.

First in-take applications close 30 November, 2018. First in-take Interviews from 23 October 2018 to 7 December 2018.

Second in-tale applications close 8 February 2019. Second in-take interviews from 22 January 2019 to 8 February 2018.

Remaining positions filled thereafter. Vacancies remain open until filled.

Tutor Development and Benefits

We are particularly keen to develop our students as tutors. Tutoring provides not only self-development opportunities and enhances personal study, but also prepares tutors for the fluid nature of the 21st century workforce.

Personal benefits

  • leadership
  • increased confidence and responsibility
  • presentation skills
  • people management skills
  • time and self-management skills
  • enhanced personal study and comprehension
  • the development of collegial relationships, particularly valuable for postgraduate study
  • a consistent part-time role (integrated with study) for one or more years, or, depending on circumstances and experience, an interim role between graduation and employment).

Graduate employability

  • tutoring is a substantive addition to any CV
  • excellent tutors receive excellent references
  • the Tutor Programme helps to develop keys skills and attributes considered desirable by employers, one of the most Desirable Skills and Attributes when Recruiting Commerce Graduates.

Tutor training

It is important that all tutors feel competent in carrying out their role and supported in their duties. Where required, the following sessions are provided:

  • 3 hour introduction to tutoring CAD workshop
  • 2 hour marking and feedback CAD workshop
  • 30 minute health and safety seminar or on-line tutorial
  • SMIB-specific marking and tutor meetings.