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Dr Yang Yu is a Senior Lecturer in international business. He is originally from Shanghai, China and received his PhD at Victoria University of Wellington in 2011. Prior to his academic career, Dr Yu worked in several multinational corporations and had experience in the import/export industry.

Research interests and projects

Dr Yu’s research interests pertain to multinational corporation (MNC) strategy, family businesses and China. For example, some of his current projects pertain to (1) political connections of family firms in China, (2) family firms’ human resource management, and (3) headquarters attention and career expatriates’ knowledge transfer within the MNC.

Selected publications


Yu, Y., Liu, YL. & Bai, T. (forthcoming) Does Attention from Headquarters Influence Subsidiary Behavior? A Social Psychological Perspective. Long Range Planning. (Journal impact factor: 3.221, 5-year impact factor: 5.901).

Liu, YL. & Yu, Y. (2018) Institutions, firm resources and the foreign establishment mode choices of Chinese firms: The moderating role of home regional institutional development. Journal of Business Research, 93: 111-121. (Journal impact factor: 3.354; 5-year impact factor: 3.689).

Yu, Y. & Liu, YL. (2018) Country-of-origin and social resistance in host countries: The case of a Chinese firm. Thunderbird International Business Review, 60(3): 347-363.

Yu, Y. & Lindsay, V. (2017) A social-psychological perspective of host country societal acceptance of foreign firms. Critical Perspective of International Business, 13(4): 297-318.

This paper won the ‘Highly Commended Award’ of the journal as Emerald’s Awards of Excellence (2018), and I was the lead author of the paper. http://www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/authors/literati/awards.htm?year=2018&journal=cpoib

Yu, Y. & Sharma, R.R. (2016) Dancing with the stars: What do foreign firms get from high-status local exchange partners? Management Decision, 54(6): 1294-1319. (Journal impact factor: 1.525; 5-year impact factor: 2.340)

Yu, Y. & Lindsay, V. (2016) Export commitment and the global financial crisis - Perspectives from the New Zealand wine industry. Journal of Small Business Management, 54(2): 771-797. (Journal impact factor: 3.248)

Liu, A., Gould, N. & Yu, Y. (2016) Opportunities and opportunism with high-status B2B partners in emerging economies. Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 31(5): 684-694. (Journal impact factor: 1.833; 5-year impact factor: 2.062)The authors contributed equally to the paper.

This paper won the ‘Outstanding Paper Award’ as Emerald’s Awards of Excellence (2017). http://www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/authors/literati/awards.htm?year=2017&journal=jbim

Yu, Y. & Lindsay, V. (2011) Operational effects and firms’ responses: Perspectives of New Zealand apparel firms on international outsourcing. International Journal of Logistics Management, 22(3): 306-323. (Journal impact factor: 1.776; 5-year impact factor: 2.437).

Yu, Y. (2009). Understanding the Chinese dragon: The complexities of doing business in China. Thunderbird International Business Review, 51(1), 87-90.

Research Grants

In past years, Dr Yu has successfully obtained internal and external research grants, many of which have led to journal publications and working papers. These grants include:

  • 2018/9 (NZD 7,000), Project title: “Family business heterogeneity: the current state of knowledge”
  • 2018 (NZD 1,500), Project title: “Human resource management of family businesses”
  • 2017 (NZD 50,000), Project title: “Internationalization of Chinese family businesses”
  • 2017 (NZD 1,847), Project title: China’s family firms, political activity and internationalization”
  • 2014 (NZD 1,500), Project title: “Impact of government support on Chinese firms’ internationalization”
  • 2013 (NZD 2,500), Project title: “Organizational status and MNCs”
  • 2012 (NZD 3,450), Project title: “Legitimacy challenge facing firms from emerging markets”
  • 2011 (NZD 7,500), Project title: “Innovation and internationalisation of New Zealand SMEs”


Yao, C., Duan, D. and Yu, Y. (2019) A qualitative exploration of the interplays between the Buddhist identity and sustainable career success of entrepreneurs in China. Europe Academy of Management Annual Conference, Lisbon, Portugal.

Yu, Y., Liu, YL. (2019) Does the attention from HQ have an impact on subsidiary behaviours? A social psychological perspective. Australia and New Zealand International Business Academy Annual Conference, Perth, Australia.

Yu, Y. Liu, A. and Gould, N. (2015) Applying status theory to foreign-local partner relationships in China: Guanxi signals, opportunism and economic and social governance systems. American Marketing Association Summer Conference. Chicago, USA.

Yu, Y. (2014) Dancing with the stars: Impact of partner status on firms’ relationship outcomes in host countries and the contingency. China Marketing International Annual Conference, Wuhan, China.

Yu, Y. (2014) Towards a social-psychological perspective of MNC legitimacy in host countries, Australia and New Zealand International Business Academy Annual Conference, Auckland, New Zealand.

Yu, Y. (2014) Are you up to the task? A social psychological perspective on MNC acceptance in host countries. China Goes Global Association Annual Conference, Shanghai, China.

Yu, Y. (2013) Legitimacy process from the audience’ perspective –A case of Chinese firms meeting local resistance in host country, China Marketing International Annual Conference, Xuzhou, China.

Yu, Y. and Gazley, A. (2012) The trust-commitment relationship: its multidimensionality and contingency, Australia and New Zealand International Business Academy Annual Conference, Adelaide, Australia.

Yu, Y. and Lindsay, V. (2009) How do foreign firms manage business relationships in China after market entry. Academy of International Business Academy Annual Conference, San Diego, USA.

Yu, Y. and Lindsay, V.J. (2007) Business Service Firms' Foreign Market Network Development at the Early Post-entry Stage, European International Business Academy Annual Conference, Catania Italy.

Yu, Y. and Lindsay. V.J. (2007) A Conceptual Framework to Study Multinational Corporations' Relationships Development after Market Entry, Australia and New Zealand International Business Academy Annual Conference, Newcastle Australia.

Yu, Y. and Lindsay, V.J. (2007) Business Service Firms' Foreign Market Network Development at the Early Post-entry Stage. Academy of International Business Annual Conference, Indianapolis USA.

Yu, Y. and Lindsay, V.J. (2006) Understanding New Zealand's Apparel SMEs' Internationalisation through A Manufacturing Strategy Approach, SME Entrepreneurship Global Conference. Selangor Malaysia

Yu. Y. and Lindsay, V.J. (2005) A Study of the Manufacturing Priorities of New Zealand Apparel Exporters. Australia New Zealand International Business Academy Annual Conference. Melbourne Australia.

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