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Director PhD Programme International Business and Marketing School of Marketing and International Business


Teaching in 2019


Micael-Lee Johnstone holds a PhD from the University of Otago. She teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and has also been involved in the Distance Learning Programme at Victoria University of Wellington. From October 2009 until December 2012, Micael-Lee was the Postgraduate Programme Director for Marketing. Her research interests lie in the field of consumer behaviour, specifically motherhood and consumption, sustainability, and retail marketing. Micael-Lee’s work has appeared in journals such as the Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Consumer Behaviour and Journal of Marketing Management. When she is not working, Micael-Lee enjoys participating in activities such as white water rafting, the “Tough Guy and Gal Challenge”, and tramping.


BA/BCom, MCom(Hons) University of Auckland

PhD University of Otago

Current research projects

Green marketing and consumption behaviours.

Research interests

Retailing, sustainability, consumer behaviour.

Teaching interests

Consumer behaviour, retailing, and media communications.

Competitive grants

  • 2015 Victoria University of Wellington, School of Business Faculty Grant $10,000
  • 2012 Victoria University of Wellington, School of Business Faculty Grant $10,000
  • 2010 Victoria University of Wellington, New Researcher’s Grant $5,000
  • 2006 University of Otago, School of Business Faculty Grant $4,000

Current achievements

  • 2015 Best paper for the Consumer Behaviour track: Hooper, S. and M. Johnstone (2015), “An exploration of green and not-so-green consumers: Furthering our understanding of green consumption behaviours”, Academy of Marketing, 7 July – 9 July, 2015, Limerick, Ireland.
  • 2014 Best Reviewer for the Sustainability Track,Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC) Conference Proceedings, 1 December – 3 December 2014, Brisbane, Australia.
  • 2013 Guest editor, “Special Issue: The female consumer in the 21st Century”,Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal, 16 (3).

Selected publications

Johnstone, M. (2016), “Depth Interviews and Focus Groups”, In K. Kubacki and S. Rundle-Thiele’s (Eds.) Formative Research in Social Marketing: Innovative Methods to Gain Consumer Insights, Singapore: Springer, 67-87, DOI: 10.1007/978-981-10-1829-9.

Tan, L., Johnstone, M. and L. Yang (2016), Barriers to green consumption behaviours: The roles of consumers' green perceptions, Australasian Marketing Journal, 24(4), 288-299.

Johnstone, M. and S. Hooper (2016), “Social influence and green consumption behaviour: a need for greater government involvement”, Journal of Marketing Management, 32 (9/10), 827-855, http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/0267257X.2016.1189955.

Johnstone, M. and L. Tan (2015), “An exploration of environmentally-conscious consumers and the reasons why they do not buy green products”, Marketing Intelligence and Planning, 33(50), 804-825.

Johnstone, M. and L. Tan (2015), “Exploring the gap between consumers’ green rhetoric and purchasing behaviour”, Journal of Business Ethics, 132(2), 311-328.

Johnstone, M. and K-S. Fam (2013), “Guest Editorial: The female consumer in the 21st century”, Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal, 16 (3), 248-252.

Johnstone, M. (2012), “The servicescape: the social dimensions of place”, Journal of Marketing Management, 28 (11/12), 1399-1418.

Johnstone, M. and S. Todd (2012), “Servicescapes: the role that place plays in stay-at-home mothers’ lives”, Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 11 (6), 443-453.

Johnstone, M. and D.M. Conroy (2008), “Place attachment: the social dimensions of the retail environment and the need for further exploration”, Advances in Consumer Research, 35, 381-386.

Johnstone, M. and D.M. Conroy (2005), “Dressing for the thrill: An exploration of why women dress up to go shopping”, Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 4 (4), 234-245.

Lee, C., M. Buchanan-Oliver, and M. Johnstone (2003), “Smoking among adolescents and social policy implications”, Australasian Marketing Journal, Special Issue: Social Marketing, 11 (1), 45-59.

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Teaching in 2019