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Senior Lecturer in Marketing School of Marketing and International Business


Dr Kate Daellenbach obtained her PhD at Victoria University of Wellington in 2011, an MBA (Queen’s University, Kingston), and a BA in English Literature (University of Calgary). Her research interests include sponsorship and corporate philanthropy, social marketing, marketing in the arts sector, and higher education. Dedicated to both research and teaching, she values the academic community and served on the ANZMAC Executive 2016-2018. In terms of teaching she received a Victoria University Teaching Excellence Award (2010), and completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education (2016). Prior to joining Victoria University of Wellington, she worked for over 10 years in senior management roles in marketing and fundraising for the arts sector in Canada and New Zealand. Born and raised in Canada, she is happy to call NZ home (for 21 years now), but still hasn’t mastered the accent. She is currently one of three co-chairs for ANZMAC 2019, and looks forward to an awesome conference in this cool little capital city - Wellington.


BA Calg; MBA Qu; PhD Well

Current research projects

Transformative Learning in Marketing Education, Ethics in Academic Publishing.

Teaching interests

Marketing Strategy, Consumer Behaviour, Marketing in the Arts Sector.

Selected publications

Daellenbach, K. (2018) “On carrot cake and marketing education: A perspective on balancing skills for employability”, Australasian Marketing Journal, 26, pp.172-179.  DOI: 10.1016/j.ausmj.2018.04.05.

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