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Director Postgraduate Programme in Marketing School of Marketing and International Business


Teaching in 2019


Dr Jayne Krisjanous is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Marketing and International Business and is the school’s postgraduate programme director. Her areas of research include healthcare marketing, historical research in marketing, consumer lifestyles and social marketing. Jayne is an experienced teacher at undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA levels and currently teaches courses in marketing communications, consumer behaviour, tourism marketing and social marketing. Her extensive experience in the healthcare industry, in both clinical and management settings has allowed her to foster an academic and consulting involvement with this industry. Jayne is a Registered Nurse and Registered Midwife and holds an Advanced Diploma in Nursing, Bachelor of Nursing, BCA Honours degree, MBA and PhD.


RN, RM, AdvDipN, BN Massey; BCA(Hons), MBA, PhD Well

Research interests

Consumer behaviour, social marketing, healthcare marketing, historical research in marketing.

Post Graduate supervision

Jayne welcomes proposals on health and social marketing. She has supervised three Masters theses and is currently supervising a PhD thesis in healthcare marketing.

Teaching interests

Marketing Communications, Principles of Marketing, Tourism Marketing, Consumer Behaviour and Social Marketing.

Selected publications


Krisjanous, J & Kadirov, D, (2018) Migrants are splendid types: The ‘Beautiful Balts’ as a megamarketing framing process of demystification, Journal of Macromarketing, 0276146718802887.

Daellenbach, K., Parkinson, J., & Krisjanous, J. (2018), Just how prepared are you? An application of marketing segmentation and theory of planned behaviour for disaster preparation. Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing, DOI: 10.1080/10495142.2018.1452830

Krisjanous, J & Carruthers, J (2018), Walking on the Light Side: Investigating the world of ghost tour operators and entrepreneurial marketing. Qualitative Marketing Research: An International Journal, 21 (2), 232-252.

Krisjanous, J. (2016). An exploratory multimodal discourse analysis of dark tourism websites: Communicating issues around contested sites. Journal of Destination Marketing & Management. (5) 4, 341-350.

Reilly, A., Jones, D., Rey Vasquez, C., & Krisjanous, J. (2016). Confronting gender inequality in a business school. Higher Education Research & Development (HERD), 35 (5), 1025-1038.

Krisjanous, J. (2014). Examining the Historical Roots of Social Marketing Through the Lights in Darkest England Campaign. Journal of Macromarketing 34(4), 435-451. DOI: 10.1177/0276146714527109

Krisjanous, J., Richard, J. E., & Gazley, A. (2014). The Perfect Little Bump: Does the Media Portrayal of Pregnant Celebrities Influence Prenatal Attachment?. Psychology & Marketing, 31(9), 758-773. DOI: 10.1002/mar.20732

Krisjanous, J., & Maude, R. (2014). Customer value co-creation within partnership models of health care: an examination of the New Zealand Midwifery Partnership Model. Australasian Marketing Journal (AMJ), 22(3), 230-237. DOI:10.1016/j.ausmj.2014.08.005

Krisjanous, J., Ashill, N. J., Eccarius, K. and Carruthers, J. (2013), Scared Stiff? The Effectiveness of Threat Appeals in Counseling Services Advertising to High-Anxiety Students. Psychology & Marketing, 30: 874–890. DOI: 10.1002/mar.20652.

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Teaching in 2019