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Director Undergraduate Programme in Marketing School of Marketing and International Business


Teaching in 2019


Dr Janet Davey is a Lecturer in the School of Marketing and International Business.

Janet’s PhD, completed in 2015, investigated baby boomers as healthcare consumers and is one of the few New Zealand research projects on this consumer cohort. Janet has taught undergraduate Marketing Research as well as examining major coursework in Service Marketing and Honours level Marketing Research Methods. She has an established research agenda focusing on value co-creation in service experiences and age-related healthcare consumption behaviour. Janet’s research has been published in Journal of Services Marketing, Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, Tourism Management, and Health Marketing Quarterly.

Janet is a Life Member of the New Zealand Psychological Society (NZPsS) and a Full Member of the New Zealand Planning Institute (MNZPI).


BSc, MA(Hons), MPhil(Dist) Massey; PGCert Tertiary Teaching Waik, PhD Waik

Research interests

Value co-creation in services, healthcare services, service-dominant logic, consumer behaviour.

Research projects

Janet’s research has a focus on wellbeing for consumers and marketing with a social conscience. Most of Janet’s research is in marketing healthcare services, value co-creation in services, and transformative services. She has done research on health literacy and health communication, services marketing for vulnerable consumers, baby boomers and aging consumers, and value co-creation in the experience economy.  She is interested in research on health consumer roles in preventive health, maternal health, and social media influencers and health information seeking behaviours. Janet hopes to do more research around the sharing economy and how this supports a city’s objectives in the areas of ecological, social and economic sustainability as well as helping individuals create value and use resources more efficiently. Janet’s particular expertise is in a variety of qualitative research approaches.

Postgraduate supervision

Janet welcomes research proposals on health marketing, value-co-creation, and social marketing. She has extensive experience in qualitative research, supervising postgraduate research students and has co-supervised postgraduate dissertations and theses.

Teaching interests

Consumer Behaviour, Social Marketing, Qualitative Research, Healthcare Marketing

Selected publications


Davey, J. & Grӧnroos, C. (2019, earlycite). Health service literacy: complementary actor roles for transformative value co-creation. Journal of Services Marketing. ABDC: A

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Teaching in 2019