Undergraduate study

The School of Languages and Cultures offers a Bachelor of Arts at undergraduate level.

Asian Languages and Cultures

Study the cultures and languages of the world's biggest, most populous continent, Asia. Become a truly global citizen with the communication skills to bridge cultural and linguistic gaps.

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European and Latin American Languages and Cultures

The benefits of learning another language go well beyond just being able to communicate—it actually changes your brain. Study a European language and culture and gain a global perspective.

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Language is important for almost everything we do, from making friends and influencing people, to asking a smartphone for directions. Learn about the structure of language and explore how people use it. Or study Writing (academic and professional) and improve your academic writing ability.

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Pacific Cultures and Languages

Explore the rich and diverse cultures of the Pacific. Expand your knowledge of its languages, customs and history, and contribute to the awareness and understanding of the Pacific region and its peoples.

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