Student support services

There is a wide range of support services available to you while you're a student at Victoria.

Victoria offers a wide ranges of student services and support for students, so if you ever run into a problem, there'll be someone who can help.

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences website includes a list of resources and links specifically relevant to postgraduate students.

Support for Māori and Pasifika students

The School of Languages and Cultures is committed to fulfilling our obligations under the Treaty of Waitangi and nurturing diversity across Pacific cultures. Our school works closely with Victoria Pasifika and Māori student support staff at Te Pūtahi Atawhai, Student Learning Support Services, and the Victoria University library to ensure that Māori and Pasifika students are aware of and accessing university services where appropriate.

Our commitment to supporting all of our students in an environment that is culturally sensitive, inclusive and conducive to learning  ensures attentiveness to and support for Pasifika and Māori students. We also recognise our unique position in that the majority of our Va'aomanu Pasifika students, historically, are of Pacific or Māori descent, as are the majority of our staff.

Te Pūtahi Atawhai

The Pūtahi Atawhai programme helps empower Māori and Pacific students to do well in their academic study, offering advice, academic mentoring and a culturally safe place on campus. Te Pūtahi Atawhai also coordinates Study Wānanga over a week in Trimester 1 and 2, to help students prepare for end of trimester examinations. Māori and Pasifika students are invited to attend specific sessions relevant to certain courses. 

Va'aomanu Pasifika: Māori and Pasifika tutorials

Va'aomanu Pasifika have set up procedures to 'check in' with students at critical points of the trimester, such as:

  1. Checking on students via email who have not signed up for a tutorial session, and/or referring their name to the Pasifika Support Coordinator at Te Pūtahi Atawhai.
  2. Checking on students via email who have signed up for a tutorial but who have not attended  any sessions, and/or referring their name to the Pasifika Support Coordinator at Te Pūtahi Atawhai (generally around week 3).
  3. Checking on students who do not submit/sit the first assessment, and/or referring their name to the Pasifika Support Coordinator at Te Pūtahi Atawhai.
  4. Referring students, where necessary, to the Pasifika Student Learning Support Advisor at Student Learning Support Services for additional support with learning.

Māori and Pasifika liaison staff

The Māori and Pasifika liaison person in the School is responsible for ensuring the best interests of students are looked after.

Support for students with disabilities

Our School is committed to ensuring all students have equal opportunities to resources and a successful academic journey while studying at Victoria University.

Disability Services

Disability Services is a leading provider of disability advice, expertise and support. We work in partnership with you to provide tailored advice and services.

Disability liaison staff

The Disability Liaison Advocate (DLA) is a member of staff who creates and supports an inclusive environment for students with impairments by providing a link between their School and Disability Services, ensuring students receive quality and appropriate support and advice.