NZCLT publications

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The Centre's first major production is the anthology of translated short stories and extracts from longer prose works, Been There, Read That! Stories for the Armchair Traveller (VUP, 2008). Comprising work from over a dozen languages and more than twenty countries, the anthology was launched in March 2008 by the then Prime Minster, Helen Clark. This project brought together translators (link to the associates' bios) based not just in Wellington, but also in Switzerland, Belgium, Ireland and the USA. The aim of the anthology is to showcase the talents both of translators and of writers who are not normally accessible to readers in English. Purchase inquiries can be directed to Victoria University Press. More publications have come out since (for further details see the staff profiles of the NZCLT Committee Members) and others are forthcoming, including the first study of book cover design as intersemiotic translation.