Dr Teresia Teaiwa, 1968–2017

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Dr Teresia Teaiwa


BA Trin Coll Wash, MA Hawai'i, PhD UCSC

Administrative responsibilities

  • Director, Va’aomanū Pasifika

Areas of achievement

Current postgraduate supervisees

  • Rachel Yates, PhD in Pacific Studies, Skilled Migrants in the 21st Century: A case study of NZ Born Pacific Islanders teaching English in South Korea (primary supervisor).
  • Shailesh Lal, PhD in Pacific Studies, The Art of Visiting, the Dilemma of Staying and the Difficulty of Leaving: An Actor’s Perspective of IndoFijian Representations on Fiji’s Stages 1998-2008 (primary supervisor).
  • Rose Namoori-Sinclair, PhD in Pacific Studies, The Impact of Immigration on Pacific Women’s Health: the experiences of Kiribati migrants (primary supervisor)
  • Tautala Aiono Faletolu, PhD Pacific Studies, Samoan community resilience in natural disasters: a comparative study (secondary supervisor)
  • Joanne Waitoa, PhD Māori Studies, Diverse spaces of Māori political participation (secondary supervisor)

Completed supervisions

  • Emalani Case, PhD in Pacific Studies, VUW 2015, I Kahiki Ke Ola, In Kahiki There is Life: Ancestral Memories and Migrations in the New Pacific (primary supervisor)
  • Emelihter Kihleng, PhD in Pacific Studies, VUW 2015, Menginpehn lien Pohnpei: a poetic ethnography of urohs (Pohnpeian skirts) (primary supervisor)
  • Sinith Sittirak, PhD in Geography, VUW 2014, My 'W/ri[gh]t/E' and My Land: A Postcolonial Feminist Study on Grassroots' Archives and Autobiography (1937-2004) (primary supervisor)
  • Peter Nuttal, PhD in Development Studies, VUW 2013, Sailing for sustainability: the potential of sail technology as an adaptation tool for Oceania: a voyage of inquiry and interrogation through the lens of a Fijian case study (secondary supervisor).
  • Karly Christ, Master in Development Studies, VUW 2012, Hakarongo mai: Rapanui women and decolonisation for development (co-supervisor)
  • Birte Blascheck, PhD in Sociology, VUW 2012, Between diaspora and celebrity: Caribbean Canadians and Pacific New Zealand public personalities (secondary supervisor)
  • Sadat Kelo Muaiava, MA Pacific Studies, VUW 2011, Fa'atagata'esea i Nu'u 'Ese: Samoan Faifeau kids as tagata'ese and alo 'o fa'afeagaiga in New Zealand (primary supervisor)
  • Eleanor Hale, Master of Development Studies, VUW 2010, ‘Gendered realities of temporary labour migration: experiences of New Zealand’s Recognised Seasonal Employer Scheme in Vanuatu’ (primary supervisor)
  • Marianna Churchward, Master of Social Sciences (Applied), VUW 2010, Sophisticated mediators: New Zealand-born Samoan first-time mothers and strategies for their health and wellbeing (primary supervisor)
  • Rodrigo Gomez Segura, MA Pacific Studies, VUW 2010, Rapanui and Chile, a debate on self-determination: a notional and legal basis for the political decolonisation of Easter Island (primary supervisor)
  • Ahmed Hussein Shukry, PhD Development Studies, VUW 2009, Governance and Vulnerability in Small Island Developing States (primary supervisor)
  • Graeme Whimp, MA Pacific Studies, VUW 2008, Writing the colony: Walter Edward Gudgeon in the Cook Islands 1898 to 1909 (primary supervisor)
  • Alice Pollard, PhD Gender and Women's Studies, VUW 2006, Painaha: gender and leadership in 'Are'Are society, the South Sea Evangelical Church and parliamentary leadership: Solomon Islands (secondary supervisor)
  • Michael Frew, Master of Development Studies, VUW 2005, Tourism as an economic development tool for Ovalau, Fiji Islands: An analysis of selected issues (primary supervisor).
  • Christine Taitano Delisle, Master of Micronesian Studies, University of Guam 2001, Delivering the body: Narratives of family, childbirth and prewar pattera (external supervisor)

Current research

  • Continuing research into gendered dynamics of militarism in the Pacific
  • Continuing research into theory, practice and pedagogy of Pacific Studies

Selected external activities

Secretary, Pacific History Association

Member, Editorial Board, International Feminist Journal of Politics

Member, Editorial Board, Amerasia Journal

Member, Editorial Board, AlterNative: An International Journal of Indigenous Peoples

Selected recent academic publications

Teresia Teaiwa, 'The ancestors we get to choose: White Influences I won't Deny', in Theorizing Native Studies, edited by Audra Simpson and Andrea Smith, Duke University Press, 2014: 43-55.

Teresia K Teaiwa,  'Same Sex, Different Armies: Sexual Minority Invisibility among Fijians in the Fiji Miltary Forces and British Army', in Gender on the Edge: Transgender, Gay and Other Pacific Islanders, edited by Niko Besnier and Kalissa Alexeyeff, University of Hawai'i Press, 2014: 266-292.

Selected books/edited collections

Teresia Teaiwa, 'What Makes Fiji Women Soldiers? Context, Context, Context' in Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific 37, 2015

Teresia Teaiwa (ed), Special Section on Militarism and Gender in the Western Pacific, Asia Pacific Viewpoint, 52(1), 2011: 1-55.

Teresia Teaiwa and Selina Marsh (eds), Flying Fox Excursions: Albert Wendt’s Critical and Creative Legacy in Oceania, A Special Issue of The Contemporary Pacific, Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 22(2), 2010: 233-396.

Selected book chapters

Thelma Smith Nabukavou, Luke B Taveta, Joan M Teaiwa, Teresia K Teaiwa, 'Reflecting back and building on Fright or Light: Psychiatric survivors and contemporary issues in mental health in Fiji', in Pacific Identities and Well-being: Cross-cultural Perspectives, edited by M N Agee, T McIntosh, P Culbertson and C O Makasiale, Otago University Press, 2013: 256-276.

Teresia Teaiwa, “Good Neighbour, Big Brother, Kin: New Zealand’s Foreign Policy in the Contemporary Pacific”, in Tangata o le Moana edited by Sean Mallon, Damon Salesa and Kolokesa Mahina, forthcoming Te Papa Press, 2012: 287-311.

Teresia K. Teaiwa, “Specifying Pacific Studies: For or Before an Asia-Pacific Studies Agenda” in Remaking Area Studies: Teaching and Learning Across Asia and the Pacific, edited by Terence Wesley-Smith and Jon Goss, UH Press, 2010: 110-124.

Teresia K. Teaiwa, “bikinis and other s/pacific n/oceans” in Militarized Currents: Toward a Decolonized Future in Asia and the Pacific, edited by Setsu Shigematsu and Keith L Camacho, University of Minnesota Press, 2010: 15-31.

Teresia K. Teaiwa, 'Globalizing and Gendered Forces: The Contemporary Militarization of Pacific/Oceania,' in Kathy E. Ferguson and Monique Mironescu (eds), Gender and Globalization in Asia and the Pacific, Honolulu: University of Hawai’i Press, 2008:318-332.

Teresia K. Teaiwa, 'On Women and 'Indians': The Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion in Militarized Fiji,' in Bárbara Sutton, Sandra Morgen and Julie Novkov (eds), Rethinking Security: Gender, Race and Militarization. New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, 2008:111-135.

Selected journal articles

Teresia K Teaiwa, Claire N Slatter, 'Samting Nating: Pacific Waves at the Margins of Feminist Security Studies', International Studies Perspectives, 14(4), 2013: 447-450.

Teresia Teaiwa and Selina Tusitala Marsh, “Albert Wendt’s Critical and Creative Legacy in Oceania: An Introduction” in Flying Fox Excursions: Albert Wendt’s Creative and Critical Legacy in Oceania, Special Issue of The Contemporary Pacific: A Journal of Island Affairs. 22(2), 2010: 233-248.

Teresia Teaiwa, “‘What remains to be seen’: Reclaiming the visual roots of Pacific literature” in PMLA, 125(3), 2010: 730-736.

Teresia K. Teaiwa and April K. Henderson, “Humanities and Communities: A Dialogue in Pacific Studies,” in Pacific Studies, 32(4), 2009/2010: 421-438.

Teresia K. Teaiwa, 'On analogies: Rethinking the Pacific in a Global Context' in The Contemporary Pacific, 18(1), 2006: 71-88.

Selected literary publications

Teresia Teaiwa, "Porirua market with Susana and Jessie, 2009 and a trip to market with Margaret,
", Baninnur: A Basket of Food, 2014.

Teresia K Teaiwa, '5 poems', Tungaru: The Kiribati Project exhibition catalogue, 2014.

Teresia Teaiwa, "Dyed in Paru", "Makariri" and "Draft Manifesto for a Feminist Asthmatic in
(three poems) in 4th Floor Literary Journal, Whitireia New Zealand Writing Programme, 2014.

Teresia Teaiwa,  'Two poems - Crisis Poem#1, Crisis Poem #2', Capitalism Nature Socialism, 24(3), 2013: 147-150.

Teresia Teaiwa, 'disarmed (13 poems)', Queensland Art Gallery for the Asia Pacific Triennial, 2012.

Tereisa Teaiwa, “Pacific Tsunami Found Poems,” in Going Down Swinging, 30, 2010: 33-34.

Teresia Teaiwa, "Considérations" (1. Considérations Culinaires, 2. Coups de soleil), trans. Jean Anderson, in Brèves: anthologie permanente de la nouvelle 92, Nouvelles D'Oceanie/2, 2010: 25-29.

I can see Fiji: poetry and sound, Teresia Teaiwa featuring Des Mallon, sound design by Hinemoana Baker (1 x CD, approx 25 mins), Wellington: Fiery Canoe Productions, 2008.

Awards and achievements

2015 Pacific People's Award for Education

2014 Ako Aotearoa Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award

2014 Victoria University of Wellington Teaching Excellence Award

2010 Macaulay Distinguished Lecture Award, Center for Pacific Islands Studies, University of Hawai’i

2007 Marsden Fast-Start Award for an oral history and book project titled "What are we fighting for? Fijian women soldiers at home and abroad"

2006 Creative New Zealand grant towards producing and promoting a new solo audio compact disc of spoken word/poetry, co-producer Hinemoana Baker

Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies, Research Fellowship 2003

University of California Regents, Dissertation Year Fellowship, 1995-1996

University of California Regents, Mentorship Grant (Mentor: Professor Angela Y.Davis), 1992-1993

East-West Center Grantee 1989-1991

Phi Beta Kappa, Epsilon Chapter, Trinity College, Washington, DC, elected 1989

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