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Reader in Translation Studies School of Languages and Cultures


Teaching in 2018

Research interests

Translation Studies, Italian Studies, Comparative Literature, World Literature


BA Pavia, MA NUI, PhD Dublin, MA Victoria, MLitt Auckland


Dr Sonzogni has been educated at: Università degli Studi di Pavia (Almo Collegio Borromeo); National University of Ireland, Dublin; University of Dublin, Trinity College; Victoria University of Wellington; The University of Auckland. He is a widely published academic, editor, poet and literary translator.

Marco has given conference papers, seminars and lectures at various universities, centres and institutions in Australia, Estonia, France, India, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. His scholarly and creative projects have received internal and external funding.

In the School of Languages and Cultures, Dr Sonzogni teaches a number of language and content courses in the Italian Programme from first year to honours and he is currently supervising five PhD students. Marco was the Director of the New Zealand Centre for Literary Translation from 2011-2015.

Current research projects

Dr Sonzogni continues to research the poetry of two Nobel Laureates in Literature: the Italian poet Eugenio Montale (1896-1981) and the Irish poet Seamus Heaney (1939-2013). In particular, he is investigating how literary translation was an integral part of their own original writing from the beginning to the end of their writing careers. Marco is also researching a new book of poems.

Research supervision

Proposals welcome

  • Literary Translation Studies
  • Italian Studies
  • World Literature
  • Literary Theory
  • Creative Writing.

Current supervision


  • Literary Translation Studies (Translation as Metaphor)
  • Literary Translation Studies (Subtitling)
  • Literary Translation Studies (Contemporary New Zealand Poetry in Italian Translation)
  • Literary Translation Studies (Contemporary Chinese Fiction in English Translation)
  • Italian Studies (Contemporary Italian Literature and Intermediality)


  • Literary Translation Studies (Self-Translation)
  • Literary Translation Studies (Contemporary Italian Fiction).

Teaching interests

  • The Theory and Practice of Translation
  • The Theory and Practice of Poetry
  • The History of Italian Poetry
  • The History of the Italian Language
  • World Literature
  • Literary Theory.

Key achievements

For services to culture, Marco received the Order of Merit from the Government of Italy (Cavaliere dell’Ordine al Merito, 2013) and from the Government of Poland (Zasłużony Kulturze Gloria Artis, 2014). He has conceptualized, organized and coordinated the inaugural Creativity Week and the inaugural undergraduate Creativity Scholarships (2016).

Selected publications

Published 2014 - 2016

Peer reviewed journal articles

M. Sonzogni. ‘La fatica e la forza della poesia: l’esempio di Seamus Heaney’, in Nuovi Argomenti (30 agosto 2016): http://www.nuoviargomenti.net/poesie/la-fatica-e-la-forza-della-poesia-lesempio-di-seamus-heaney/

M. Sonzogni. ‘La poesia di Seamus Heaney. Scoperta e testimonianza’, in Doppiozero (30 agosto 2016): http://www.doppiozero.com/materiali/la-poesia-di-seamus-heaney

M. Sonzogni. ‘L’ultima passeggiata con il Bardo di Bellaghy’, in Quaderni borromaici. Saggi studi proposte. 1 (Spring 2014), pp. 81-88.

M. Sonzogni. ‘A Jobber in His Shadow’ and ‘Heaney and Pascoli’ and ‘Note on Heaney and Pascoli’, in Remembering Heaney. Special Issue of Irish Studies South. Edited by R. Brandes. 1.1 (Spring 2014, pp. 30-34 and pp. 35-36.

Peer reviewed books

S. Heaney.Poesie(1966-2013). A cura di M. Sonzogni. Milano: Mondadori (“I Meridiani”), 2016, 1158pp.

I. Brandeis-G. Contini. “Questa stupida faccia”. Un carteggio nel segno di Eugenio Montale. A cura e con una nota di M. Sonzogni. Prefazione di D. Demartino. Milano: Archinto, 2015, 55pp.

M. Sonzogni. Ci vuole un fiore. Poesie. Firenze: Società Editrice Fiorentina, 2014, 68pp.

G. Orelli. Pondering the Weight of Being. Selected Poems (1944-2013). Translated by M. Sonzogni and R. Woods. Foreword by P. De Marchi. Montreal: Guernica Editions, 2015, 170pp.

M. Sonzogni. Tagli. Poesie (2009-2014). Milano: La vita felice, 100pp.

S. Heaney. Morte di un naturalista. A cura di M. Sonzogni. Milano: Mondadori “Lo Specchio”, 2014, 124pp.

F. Alborghetti. The Directory of the Vulnerable. Translated and introduced by M. Sonzogni. Montreal: Guernica Editions, 2014, 135pp.

Peer reviewed book chapters, books edited

Signata. Traduire : signes, textes, pratiques/Translating: Signs, Texts, Pratices. Dossier dirigé par J. Fontanille, M. Sonzogni and R. Troqe. Liège: Presses Universitaires de Liège, 2016, 400pp.

C. Pasi. Osservazioni/Observations. Poems. Translated by T. Smith with M. Sonzogni. Wellington: Seraph Press, 2016, 40pp.

Translation, Transnationalism and World Literature. Essays in Translation Studies (2011-2014). Edited by M. Sonzogni. Novi Ligure: Edizioni Joker, 2015, 460pp.

About Eco. Edited by G. Adamo and M. Sonzogni. Novi Ligure: Edizioni Joker, 2014, 206pp.

Forthcoming 2017 - 2018

S. Heaney. Aeneid Liber Sextus. Traduzione di M. Sonzogni. Rovigo: Il Ponte del Sale, 2017.

F. Alborghetti. Portraits of Absence. Translated by M. Sonzogni and R. Woods. Montreal: Guernica Editions, 2017.

M. Sonzogni. ‘Le vocali e le consonanti della storia: tre poesie di Seamus Heaney (1939-2013) e un mio inedito’, in Expressio (no. 1). A cura di G. Gaspari. Como: Università dell’Insubria, 2017.

To Hell and Back. Dante’s Inferno in English Translation. Edited and annotated by T. Smith and M. Sonzogni. Illustrations by J. Peters. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2017.

M. Sonzogni. Il pegno. Milano: Archinto, 2017.

M. Sonzogni. ‘“Out of the Marvellous” As I Have Known It: Translating Seamus Heaney’, in The Palgrave Handbook of Literary Translation. Edited by J. Boase-Beier. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.

Raids and Settlements. Heaney as Literary Translator. Edited and annotated by T. Smith and M. Sonzogni. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2018.

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Teaching in 2018