Diana Burton

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Director of Classics School of Languages and Cultures


Teaching in 2019

Research Interests

Ancient Greek art, myth, and religion; death and dying in ancient Greece; Greek literature; 3D Printing of antiquities


BA Hons (Victoria); PhD (London)

Research specialties

Diana's research explores the interaction between Greek art and Greek religion, death and immortality, particularly through the iconography of mythical figures.

Current research projects

Diana is currently working on a monograph on Hades. She is also developing a series of articles on votive dedications in Greek religion. She is working on a new volume of CVA for New Zealand. And she is working with Zach Challies and Bernard Guy on a project to scan and make 3D prints of items from the Classics Museum.


In most years Diana teaches some aspect of Greek material culture. This year she is teaching a new course on Myth, Art, and the Gods in Ancient Greece, which looks at the ways in which the Greeks used their art to depict, explore, and debunk their myths, as well as to emphasise particular aspects of their gods – and to butter them up when they needed their help. She also teaches Greek language: this trimester, Herodotus.

Selected publications

‘Immortal Achilles’, Greece & Rome 63 (2016) 1-28

‘The Iconography of Pheidias’ Zeus: Cult and Context’, Jahrbuch des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts 130 (2015) 75-115

Review of J. B. Grossman, The Athenian Agora Volume XXXV: Funerary Sculpture (Results of the Excavations Conducted by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens), The American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Princeton 2013 in American Journal of Archaeology 119.2 (2015)

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'Time and timelessness in Greek afterlifes', L’Antiquité Classique 86 (2017) 1-10 Athens to Aotearoa, edited volume with Jeff Tatum and Simon Perris, Victoria University Press 2017 (review: J. Barbon, https://booksellersnz.wordpress.com/2018/01/11/book-review-athens-to-aotearoa-edited-by-tatum-jeff/)

'Utopian Motifs in Early Greek Concepts of the Afterlife', Antichthon 50 (2016) 1-16

Awards and achievements

Research Fellow, Institute of Classical Studies & Warburg Institute, London, 2001

Research Fellow at Centre for Classical and Near Eastern Studies of Australia, University of Sydney, 2009

Nominated Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, Edinburgh (2014).

Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens Visiting Professor (2014).

Research Fellow, Institute of Classical Studies, London, 2017


Teaching in 2019