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  • A group of people working together at a table with a book, pen, laptop and coffee cup.

    Enhancing the language learning journey

    It's been a busy time for the School of Languages and Cultures with initiatives to improve the language learning journey for both students and teachers.

  • A picture of the UN sustainable development goals.

    18 ways to make a better world

    The United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals should make more room for culture, writes Victoria University’s Marco Sonzogni for Newsroom.

  • A plane high in a blue and cloudy sky, reflected in a sky scraper.

    Victoria students off to Latin America

    Students from Victoria University have received five of the 11 individual Prime Minister’s Scholarships for Latin America awarded in the latest round.

  • Animated image of Karuta card game cards.

    Creating student engagement through activity

    On Friday 9 June, the School of Languages and Cultures’ Japanese department hosted its first karuta taikai (card tournament) for students to test their knowledge and celebrate the end of the trimester.