Students acknowledged by the Embajada Argentina

On 27 October, Spanish staff and students of the School of Languages and Cultures attended an informal and warm reception hosted by His Excellency Mr. López Crozet at the Official Residence.

The School of Languages and Cultures has had a very close relationship with the Diplomatic community. To celebrate the political, economic and cultural relationships Argentina and New Zealand have shared in recent years, His Excellency Mr. Fausto Mariano López Crozet, Ambassador of Argentina to New Zealand, generously offered to institute a symbolic prize acknowledging the importance of studying and promoting Spanish language and culture. 

The distinction aims at celebrating the different aspects of the study of a language and its cultures, and this year six prizes were awarded recognising students from different levels. Students who wanted to enter the competition had the option of submitting a film review in the case of those taking a language paper or an essay for those taking a content paper. The Spanish and Latin American Studies' staff worked closely with the Embassy to select the finalist from a pool of over 15 very worthy candidates. Prizes were awarded in the following categories:

  • Recognition of a student doing Honours: Milica Homolja (writing her research paper on Argentine Manuel Puig).
  • Recognition for promoting Spanish and organising social and cultural activities: Lilly Pohatu-Hawkins (Latin American Spanish Club, volunteering for Vic day).
  • Recognition for students’ achievements in a literature/ culture paper: Nicolasa Fuller and Eddy Nguyen (SPAN 214).
  • Recognition for students’ achievements in a language paper: Eden Christie (SPAN 216) and Sharn Beadle (SPAN 316).

Both His Excellency and the Spanish and Latin American Studies' staff would like to congratulate all those who entered the competition. We are also happy to announce that the Embassy will be offering the prize again in 2018. We think this is the perfect way to celebrate our students’ achievements, and to continue to strengthen our links with the Diplomatic community.

¡FELICITACIONES a todos y muchas gracias a la Embajada Argentina!