Dr Philip Calvert

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BA(Hons), Warwick; MSc, Staffordshire; MLS, Loughborough; PhD, Wellington

Administrative responsibilities

  • Chair of the School of Information Management Human Ethics Committee
  • School of Information Management Disability Liaison

Research projects

  • Information services to people with impairments
  • School library management
  • Measuring the value of libraries

Selected publications

Calvert, P., Creaser, C. & Pigott, C. (2016). Information access preferences and behaviour of Blind Foundation Library clients. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, (2016), published online.

Calvert, P. (2016). School libraries in New Zealand as technology hubs: Enablers and barriers to school librarians becoming technology leaders. School Libraries Worldwide, 22(2), 51-62.

Calvert, P. Goulding, A. (2015). Narratives and stories that capture the library's worth: A qualitative approach to measuring value and impact in New Zealand's libraries. Performance Measurement and Metrics, 16(3), pp.276 - 288

Calvert, P. (2015). Are lab books vital records? Australian Academic and Research Libraries, 46(4), doi:10.1080/00048623.2015.1108897

Walker, L. Calvert, P. (2015) “So what made you decide to become a school librarian?” – reasons people currently working in New Zealand school libraries give for their choice of employment. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, online first 2015: doi:10.1177/0961000614547969

Dorner, D.G., Gorman, G.E. Calvert, P.J., (2015). Information needs analysis: principles and practice in information organizations. (London, Facet Publishing), 269pp.