Associate Professor Pedro Antunes


Teaching in 2018

Research interests

Business process management, complex systems, collaborative systems, systems analysis and design


Pedro is mainly interested in understanding the mutual influences between humans, technology and organisations using theory, models and tools developed in the fields of computer science, management, design, and cognitive science. Most recent research topics include:

  • Crowdsourcing strategies for business process analysis, design and execution
  • Representation of complex collaborative processes
  • Humanistic business process management
  • Organisational resilience
  • Geocollaboration
  • Team cognition, awareness and attention management
  • Methods and tools for collaborative systems evaluation

See Pedro's personal webpage here.


LicEE MSc PhD IST/UTL Lisbon, HabEngInf FCUL Lisbon.

Administrative responsibilities

Co-ordinator of Teaching and Learning (School of Information Management)

Selected publications

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Teaching in 2018