Dr Chern Li Liew - Research Degrees Programme Director

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Director of Research Degrees Programme School of Information Management


Teaching in 2019

Research interests

Social studies of information, information services and information systems; Users and impact; Digital cultural heritage; Socio-cultural informatics


Chern Li's research interests are centred around the social studies of information, with a focus on users and impact. Her research on digital heritage investigates the potential of participatory culture and participatory governance for preserving and enriching documentary heritage and cultural information services. She is interested in evidence-based information management policies and practices that support sustainable social cohesion.

Chern Li serves on the Editorial Advisory Boards of Online Information Review, International Journal of Digital Library Systems and The Electronic Journal of Information Systems Evaluation. She is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Consortium of iSchools Asia Pacific and member of the International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries Steering Committee. Chern Li is a Visiting Foreign Research Fellow (Gaikokujin Kenkyuin) of University of Tsukuba (Japan).


BA (Hons) University of Brighton (UK), MSc Loughborough University (UK), PhD Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

Administrative responsibilities

  • Director of SIM Research Degrees Programmes/ Chair of Research Degrees Committee
  • Member of SIM Research Committee
  • SIM Representative on the New Zealand Open Polytechnic Information & Library Studies Advisory Committee

Current research

Working title: Digital Te Reo Māori Collections: An Examination of Creative Use, Innovative Cultural Knowledge Transmission and Their Impact on Cultural Identity, Whanaungatanga and Social Cohesion

Digital heritage projects have promoted new forms of cultural transmission and cultural citizenship. There remains however, a significant gap in knowledge about communities’ usage of digital heritage collections, the impact of that usage on individuals and communities, as well as a lack of knowledge on how to assess and contextualise those impact. A previous research the project leader was involved in* found evidence that usage of digital te reo collections led to the development of a sharing and relationship system (whanaungatanga) among some users and communities. This research aims to further examine the nature and characteristics of such social relations and to understand the impact of digital technologies on cultural transmission, indigenous knowledge systems, cultural identity and contribution towards long-term social cohesion. The broader aim is to investigate the perception and expectations of the evolving roles of cultural institutions (archives, libraries, museums, public galleries) in the digital heritage space. (*https://interparestrust.org/assets/public/dissemination/Korerokiteareport_final.pdf)

This research is funded by VUW Foundation; Digital Innovation Fund (2018-2019).

Research team: Chern Li Liew (Project Lead), Karena Kelly (Te Kawa a Māui, FHSS), Jamie Yeates (Te Kawa a Māui) and Sydney Shep (Wai-te-ata Press)

Working title: From Shoeboxes to Shared Spaces: Cultural Institutions’ Roles in Personal/ Community Archiving and Participatory Heritage

I’m interested in examining not only what individuals and communities can bring to participatory heritage projects. I’m also keen to explore and examine the ways in which cultural institutions can enable and support personal/ communtiy archiving as well as in facilitating the movement of potentially significant contents from private and/or secluded collections to shared digital repositories (through providing expertise, advice and support in significance assessment, preservation, digitisation, organisation of information, accessibility and usability through digital platforms).

Research team: Chern Li Liew (Project Lead), Max Nichol, Reid Perkins (Heritage & Research Coordinator, UHCC)

Collaborators: Maja Krtalić, Anne Goulding, Jesse Dinneen

Selected publications

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Teaching in 2019