Dr Allan Sylvester - Deputy Head of School

Dr Allan Sylvester profile picture

Undergraduate Programme Director School of Information Management


Teaching in 2018

Research interests

Telecommunications Policy, e-learning, Public Sector IT


Allan has over 30 years’ experience in technology service delivery; beginning with radio communications in the late 1970’s and via health technologies and business computing during the 1980’s moved into several IT business ventures providing and managing training services, software development, network construction, and technical support service delivery and was ideally placed to become an early Internet adopter. That business background led Allan into network infrastructure support and consulting to many government agencies and businesses of all sizes.

Delivery of numerous successful IT projects over multiple generations of technology has equipped him with both experience and stories that give a 'real world' flavour to Allan’s presenting and teaching.


CPL-A, BCA (Hons), PhD, Wellington

Administrative responsibilities

  • Deputy Head of the School of Information Management


Vice Chancellors Strategic Scholarship - 2006


  • MRSNZ – professional member
  • AIS – professional member
  • ACM – professional member.

Current research

  • Public Sector Information Systems Success – Organisational learning among public information professionals and public ICT project governance.
  • Telecommunications Policy – Ultra-fast broadband public policy issues
  • Connected Education – ICT adoption and success in schools
  • Project Management Practice – Beyond processes

Allan discusses his research focused on Ultra-fast broadband in the video below.

Selected publications

Lips, M., E. Eppel, A. Sylvester, E. Pacheco, & A. Cunningham (2012). Improving benefits realisation from ICT-enabled projects through identifying and promoting good practice from selected public entity case studies, June 2012. Final Research Report to the Office of the Auditor General, Wellington: Victoria University of Wellington.

Sylvester, A., Tate, M. & Johnstone, D. (2012). Beyond synthesis: Re-presenting heterogeneous research literature. Behaviour and Information Technology. (An Information Systems 'A' ranked Journal)

Sylvester, A., Hope, B. (2010). Connected Education: The Case of the Wellington Loop, International Telecommunication Society ASIA-Pacific Regional Conference, 2010, Wellington, New Zealand

Sylvester, A., Tate, M.Beyond the “mythical centre”: an affirmative post-modern view of SERVQUAL research in information systems. –presented at ECIS 2008.

Sylvester, A., Tate, M., & Johnstone, D. (2007). Re-presenting the Literature Review: A Rich Picture of Service Quality Research in Information Systems. Paper presented at PACIS (Pacific Area Conference on Information Systems) 2007.

Sylvester, A., & Hooper, V. (2007). Overcoming Teaching Challenges in a Foundation IS Course - An Intervention Study. Paper presented at PACIS 2007 prelim’ presentation at TERNZ 2006.

Sylvester, A. (2007). Online and Multi-Channel Service Quality in the New Zealand Public Sector. PhD Proposal defended and accepted at Victoria University of Wellington October 2007.

Sylvester, A., Hope, B. (2007). Service Agency and Service Capacity in online multi-channel service organizations. The Sixth Workshop on e-Business at ICIS (International Conference on Information Systems) 2007.


Teaching in 2018