Tutor Excellence Award Rory Sudfelt

Congratulations to Rory Sudfelt for obtaining an inaugural Tutor Excellence Award, Te Rautaki Maruako.

Rory Sudfelt completed a Bachelor of Commerce and a Masters of Commerce specialising in Information Systems (INFO).  During the last three years of his study he was a tutor in the School of Information Management.  Rory was an exceptional tutor who took the time to enhance both the engagement and understanding of the students he taught.  Rory not only excelled during his tutorials but also helped develop the tutorial component of the courses he was assigned to, further improving the experience for students.  

“Rory was a fantastic tutor that made tutorials fun and easy to want to attend.  He also made learning from his tutorials a more natural and fluid process.  He engaged our minds by bringing new insight...” Nina, INFO Student.