Former SIM PhD student receives best paper award

Former SIM PhD student Dr Geetha Kanaparan received the Best Education Paper award at the 2017 Australasian Conference on Information Systems held in December in Hobart.

Geetha Kanaparan, former PhD student receives award for best paper at the ACIS 2017 awards
Dr Geetha Kanaparan, former PhD student at SIM

Dr Kanaparan's paper "Effect of Self-efficacy and Emotional Engagement in Introductory Programming Students" reported on some of the findings of her PhD research.

She co-wrote the paper with her PhD supervisors, Emeritus Professor Rowena Cullen and Dr David Mason.

Since completing her PhD, Dr Kanaparan has been very busy. She is now an Associate Professor and Head of School of Computing, as well as Head of Graduate School of Technology, at the Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation.