Academic Staff

The following School staff lead research projects within the Environmental Modelling and Prediction Research Group:

Please contact a staff member in the research area of interest to you.

Current PhD Students

Primary Supervisor - Associate Prof Nick Golledge

  • Dan Lowry - "Climate-forced ice sheet modelling of Ross Ice Shelf deglaciation"
  • Laurine Van Haastrecht - "Characterising and modelling present day processes of the Ross Ice Shelf from grounding-zone to calving line"

Primary Supervisor - Dr Huw Horgan

  • Lauren Vargo - "Quantifying modern changes in New Zealand glaciers and investigating their climatic drivers"
  • Wei Ji Leong - "Deep learning in the Cryosphere: Using deep neural networks to investigate subglacial water"

Primary Supervisor - Associate Prof Bethanna Jackson

  • Setya Drana Putra - "Groundwater model simplification"
  • Anh Nguyet Dang - "A framework supporting sustainable management of multi-ecosystem services and nature-based water resources management in the Vietnam Mekong River Delta"

Primary Supervisor - Dr Jim McGregor

  • Sapna Rana - "Precipitation variability in Northwestern region of the Indian Subcontinent: Role of teleconnection patterns"