Public information

We engage with the public in various ways: interviews and opinion pieces in the media, providing educational resources as well as organising and participating in public events.

Media articles


Prof David Frame and Adrian Macey: "New Zealand needs to peddle faster on climate change",, 23 November 2015

Prof David Frame: “Kiwi proposal aims to break barriers to action on climate change", The Dominion Post, 28 May 2015

Prof David Frame: “International focus needed over climate”, The Dominian Post, 22 June 2012.

Prof David Frame: “Setting emissions targets misses point”, The New Zealand Herald, 18 August 2009.

Prof David Frame: “The Science of prediction”, Open Democracy, 22 May 2005.

Prof David Frame: “Hurricanes, global warming, and global politics”, Open Democracy, 26 September 2005.

News reports

Jamie Morton: “Four future weather: A daunting forecast”, The New Zealand Herald, 18 March 2013.

Tom Hunt: “Climate change predictions right on the mark”, The Dominian Post, 11 December 2012.

Prof David Frame: “Words are not enough”, Editorial, Nature, 12 December 2012.

John McCrone: “The politics of climate change”, The Press, 20 October 2012.

Martin Manning: "Better Emissions Process Needed", Dominion Post, 21 May 2008, page B6.

S. Solomon, & Martin Manning: "The IPCC Must Maintain its Rigor", Science, 14 March 2008, v 319, p 1457.

Ralph Chapman, Andy Reisinger, Judy Lawrence, Jonathan Boston: Parliamentary Select Committee’s report on the Emissions Trading Scheme , September 2009.

Educational resources

Climate Futures: Pathways for Society, 2011

This book is a compilation of the presentations and dialogue from the Climate Futures Forum, a two-day conference held in March 2011.

Andy Reisinger, Climate Change 101: An educational resource, 2009

This book is intended as an educational resource for anyone seeking a robust scientific overview of the complex and interdisciplinary challenge that climate change represents for the global community.


Summary of the Assessment Process of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, an invited presentation to the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme Review Committee by the New Zealand Climate Change Research Institute, Victoria University of Wellington, February 2009.