Tim Little

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Professor School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences


Teaching in 2019

Research interests

Earth Deformation, Rise of deep-seated metamorphic rocks, Paleoseismology, Mountain-building in Southern Alps

I am a structural geologist who examines deformational processes from the surface (neotectonic and paleoseismic studies of active faults) to the lower crust (structural and microstructural studies of metamorphic rocks). A common theme of my work is to evaluate rock deformation in the field in especially well-constrained geodynamical contexts, often at a neotectonic time scale. This context provides an opportunity to extract quantitative geological data on magnitudes or rates of deformation from naturally deformed rocks, and to use field data to evaluate or calibrate existing numerical or analogue models for deformational processes (natural laboratory concept).


  • PhD in Geology - Stanford University (1988)
  • MSc in Geology - Stanford University (1983)
  • BScin Geology - University of Alaska (1979)


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Teaching in 2019