Lynda Petherick

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Senior Lecturer School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences


Teaching in 2019

Research Interests:

Quaternary science, palaeoclimatic and palaeoenvironmental variability, palynology, aeolian dust flux, geochemistry, past sea level change, late Holocene freshwater health, and lake sediments.

My research focuses on climatic and environmental variability over the past ca. 40,000 years. I have previously worked on projects in Australia and China. I am the Vice-President of the Australasian Quaternary Association and the Secretary for the International Quaternary Association Coastal and Marine Processes Committee.


  • PhD in Quaternary Science - The University of Queensland (2012)
  • MPhil in Physical Geography - The University of Queensland (2006)
  • BSc with Honours in Physical Geography - University of Canterbury (2003)
  • BSc in Atmospheric Science - Lincoln University (2002)

Current Research Projects:

  • Late Quaternary palaeoenvironment reconstructions from multiple proxies (e.g. pollen, charcoal, dust, sediment flux, grain size, geochemistry) archived in lake sediments;
  • Reconstruction of dust transport pathways during the Quaternary based on clastic sediment geochemistry in lake sediments;
  • Studying remnants of cyanobacteria in lake sediments to reconstruct past freshwater health;
  • Using organic biomarkers archived in lake sediments to quantify human impacts on aquatic environments in New Zealand;
  • Climatic and environmental variability in temperate and subtropical Australia;
  • Synthesizing climatic and environmental variability during the last glacial maximum in the Southern Hemisphere;
  • The role of vegetation cover in palaeo-earthquakes, and;
  • Reconstructing fire histories in endangered fens - applications for environmental management.

Enquiries about undertaking postgraduate research under my supervision are welcome at any time. International students wishing to undertake MSc research in my group are recommended to contact Victoria International in the first instance to learn about enrolment requirements and the costs of studying in New Zealand.


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Teaching in 2019