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Teaching in 2019


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Research interests

My research centres around understanding the processes involved in explosive volcanic activity. This work covers a large range of topics concerned with the generation and storage of magmas (molten rock), together with the ways in which volcanoes erupt explosively, with particular emphasis on the large-scale examples labeled as ‘Supereruptions’.

I also have interests in the history of the Taupo Volcanic Zone in the central North Island and its evolution as a magmatically active rift. This research involves numerous students, together with NZ and overseas collaborators.

Current topics include:

  • The physical volcanology of supereruptions in New Zealand and the western United States
  • Timings and mechanisms of magma generation and storage in New Zealand and western USA supervolcanoes
  • Magma generation and eruption processes in subaerial and submarine explosive volcanism in the Kermadec arc
  • The 4-D evolution of the central Taupo Volcanic Zone using U-Pb dating techniques on zircons from deeply buried geothermally altered rocks to establish eruption and subsidence histories
  • Volcanic and structural evolution of the Wairakei and Ngakamariki geothermal fields, Paeroa Range and Whakatane Graben
  • History of Early Cretaceous large-scale volcanic and plutonic activity in Hong Kong.


Teaching in 2019