Calum Chamberlain

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Postdoctoral Fellow - Seismology - School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences


Teaching in 2019


  • PhD in Geophysics - Victoria University of Wellington (2016)
  • MSc in Geophysics - University of Leeds (2012)
  • BSc in Geophysics - University of Leeds (2010)

Research Interests

My research focuses on analysing fault-zone properties and earthquake processes using passive seismology. I am particularly interested in how earthquakes start, and how fault-zones and earthquakes changes with time. I use long-duration earthquake catalogues as a tool to investigate these properties, and generate these catalogues using high-performance computing facilities and pattern recognition methods.

Current Research Projects

  • Developing and maintaining the EQcorrscan Python package for the detection and analysis of repeating and near-repeating earthquakes (;
  • Conducting detailed investigations of aftershock sequences (including Kaikoura);
  • Writing real-time matched-filter detection code, and applying this to aftershock forecasting;
  • Microseismicity and tremor beneath the central Southern Alps;
  • Repeating earthquakes on and near the New Zealand plate boundary zone.


Publications 2014 - Current


Teaching in 2019