Andrew Mackintosh

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Research Interests

I aim to understand the interactions between glaciers and the climate system. In particular, I use glaciological data and computer models to interpret past climate changes on orbital to decadal timescales and predict future ice behaviour.

Our physical models are constrained by empirical data, and hence we study the mass balance and dynamics of contemporary glaciers. I also investigate moraine ages using 10Be and other dating methods.

I am involved in the following research projects:

  • mountain glaciers
  • modelling valley glacier fluctuations in response to climate change
  • dynamics and mass balance of mountain glaciers
  • using models to understand the climatic significance of moraine sequences
  • late Quaternary, Holocene and 20th Century climate variability
  • radar studies of sub-glacial topography and snow accumulation

Ice Sheets

  • dynamics of Trans-Antarctic Mountains outlet glaciers
  • processes influencing Antarctic ice sheet retreat


  • 10Be exposure dating of glacial erratics and moraines
  • Luminescence dating of glacial outwash and lacustrine deposits

I lead a glacier research group in the Antarctic Research Centre and work in the Climate Change, Quaternary Environments, and Environmental Modelling and Prediction research groups within the School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences.

Please contact me for further information about completing a research thesis in these areas.


  • PhD in Glaciology - University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (2000)
  • BSc with First Class Honours in Geology and Physical Geography - University of Newcastle, Australia (1993)
  • BSc in Earth Sciences - University of Melbourne, Australia (1992)


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