Our teaching and research programmes are anchored in a passion for planet Earth and the geological, environmental, and social processes that affect the world around us.

Throughout New Zealand and across the globe, from the Earth’s deep interior to the communities we live in, our staff and students are working to understand the matters that most affect our planet.

Drone to unlock volcanic secrets

A drone built by Dr. Ian Schipper featured on OneNews for it's upcoming role in carrying out research overseas, where it intends to unlock secrets of our world's volcanoes.

A blue river, in the centre of the photo, flows over rocks and into a pool, surrounded by greenery

Our Environment

The Environmental Science students share stories on topics of interest including didymo, mangroves and the fashion industry in this class blog.

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  • Climate change: our next 'moonshot moment'?

    While some despair about the fate of our planet, award-winning climate scientist James Renwick says it is never too late to take action - and seizing the moment may require a new “moonshot moment” for the 21st century.

  • Geographers scoop awards

    Three researchers from the School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences have received recognition for their outstanding work in geography by their peers in New Zealand.

  • Private Kiwis missing out on community

    As a result of giving ourselves too much private space, New Zealanders are missing out on the benefit of communal public space, writes the Victoria University of Wellington's Dr Rebecca Kiddle