Thierry Jutel

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Associate Professor School of English, Film, Theatre and Media Studies


Teaching in 2019

Research interests

Contemporary cinema. Cultural Production and media industries. Filmmaking. Landscape and media spaces.


BA Université de NantesMA VirginiaPhD Maryland

Current research projects

Thierry writes on cinema as an aesthetic, cultural, social, technological, and industrial object. His recent work includes narrative slowness and the visual regime of cinema in the Coen's No Country for Old Men; badlands, settler cultures and landscape in cinema and media culture; digital cinema aesthetics, authorship and cinema as cultural and industrial object.

Research and supervisory interests

Thierry Jutel is interested in supervising research in the areas of cinema and cultural industries, including but not limited to digital cinema aesthetics and production; cinema and landscape; production studies; cinema as cultural object.

Recent publications

Jutel, Thierry (forthcoming 2019). “Breaking Bad: Diagnostic Narratives in Film and Television,” in Annemarie Jutel, Diagnosis: Truths and Tales. University of Toronto Press.

Jutel, Thierry. “Paratexts, Industrial Reflexivity, Affective Labour and King Kong: Peter Jackson’s Production Diaries”. MEDIANZ, Media Studies Journal of Aotearoa New Zealand 17.2 (2017), 75-91.

Jutel, Thierry and Annemarie Jutel. "Speculation, Certainty and the Diagnostic Illusory: The Tricorder and the Deathless Man." Somatosphere July 2017.

Jutel, Thierry and Annemarie Jutel. “’Deal with It. Name It’: The Diagnostic Moment in Film”. BMJ Medical Humanities 43.1 (2017): 185-191

Jutel, Thierry. “No Country for Old Men, Visual Regime, Mental Image and Narrative Slowness ”. Senses of Cinema 60 (October 2011)

Buettner, Angi, Thierry Jutel, Tony Schirato and Geoff Stahl (2010). Understanding Media Studies. Oxford University Press, Melbourne.

Jutel, Thierry (2008) 'The Cinema of Peter Jackson' in Margolis, Harriet, Sean Cubitt, Barry King and Thierry Jutel, eds (2008). Studying the Film-Event: The Lord of the Rings. Manchester University Press. pp 100–107.

Jutel Thierry and Tony Schirato 'Media Interactivity and Fantasy Sport'. New Zealand Journal of Media Studies 11:1 (June 2008): 32–46.

Jutel, Thierry (2007). "Societies of Control, Compulsory Ecstasy and the Neo-Liberal Subject". Junctures 8 (June): 27–38.

Jutel, Thierry (2004) "The Lord of the Rings: Landscape, Transformation and the Geography of the Virtual." Cultural Studies in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Edited by Claudia Bell and Steve Matthewman. Melbourne: Oxford University Press. pp 54–65.

Recent creative work

Jutel, Thierry (2010), Creative Producer, x.o.genesis, a short experimental stop-motion, digital film (12 minutes), with James Robinson and Rowan Wernham (director). Music and sound effects by Chris Knox ( Produced with a grant from the Screen Innovation Production Fund (Creative New Zealand, NZ Film Commission).

Selected for the following international film festivals:

  • Slamdance Film Festival, Park City, USA. 21-27 January 2011
  • The Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival, 7-11 May 2011. Awarded "Best Concept" and Second Place in the Experimental Film Category
  • BigPond Adelaide Film Festival, Australia. 24 Feb-6 March 2011
  • Maryland Film Festival, Baltimore, 5-8 May 2011
  • Athens International Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival, Greece, 10-16 March 2011
  • Glasgow Short Film Festival, Scotland. 18-20 February 2011
  • New Zealand International Film Festival. July 2009 (work in process screening)
  • Aguilar de Campoo "Five Continents" Short Film Fest (Spain), 3-7 December 2010

Jutel, Thierry (2007) Producer and co-writer, Why I Ate Myself. Digital film directed by Kelly Pendergrast. Produced with a grant from the Screen Innovation Production Fund (Creative New Zealand, NZ Film Commission).

  • Selected for Independent Exposure Festival USA 2007, screened in San Francisco, Seattle and Fairbanks.
  • Selected for Short Fuse programme, Moving Image Centre, Auckland, April 2007.
  • Selected "Animation: From the Avant-Garde to Popular Culture" which was held in conjunction with the San Diego Museum of Art's "Animated Painting" exhibition. The film was screened was screened at the Museum of Photographic Arts, Saturday November 3.


Teaching in 2019