Romeo and Juliet

"Passion lends them power"

At 77 Fairlie Terrace, an abandoned theatre sits untouched, unnoticed, almost empty. A group of lost teens unearth the history within the walls and find themselves haunted by the ghosts of characters once played on its stage.

For one week only, the 300-level theatre students of Victoria University take over this abandoned theatre, and present Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. An exploration of youth, love, and impulse.

This 19-strong ensemble, directed by renowned Shakespearean Director and Dramaturg Lori Leigh, and supported by industry experts in performance, design, stage combat, and dance, tackle one of Shakespeare's classics with a new, youthful energy.

“Romeo and Juliet is a play about youth and all its associated energies. In this production, we’ve explored these and the larger question of the play: Will our future be destroyed by the illogical, violent, and oppressive systems that govern our world? Or is there still enough love, passion, and imagination left in humanity to dream, and break the cycle of hate?”- Lori Leigh

Romeo and Juliet invigorates Studio 77 (77 Fairlie Terrace, Kelburn) from May 22 to May 26 with six fresh and energising performances:

Tuesday 22 May- 7pm (OPENING NIGHT GALA)

Wednesday 23 May- 2pm (MATINEE)

Wednesday 23 May- 7pm

Thursday 24 May- 7pm (SCHOOLS NIGHT, incl. Q+A)

Friday 25 May- 7pm

Saturday 26 May- 7pm (CLOSING NIGHT)

“What we’ve done so far is pretty radical, definitely not what’s expected of a classic Shakespeare production. I think [this] is something that will surprise our audience again and again”- Nellie Panina (Benvolio)

“Comedy is a driving force in the play [which] I'm ecstatic about. It's like an ol’ vintage cheese, it hits you as soon as you open the packet”- Holly McLauchlan (Sampson)


WAGED- $16


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