Dr Yiğit Sağlam


Teaching in 2018


BS Middle East Technical University (Turkey)
PhD University of Iowa

Research interests

Applied Econometrics, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

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  • 'The trade impacts of a food scare: The Fonterra contamination incident' (with Ilan Noy and Katarina Stojkov), Journal of Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization, forthcoming.
  • 'Auctioning the digital dividend: A model for spectrum auctions' (with Toby Daglish and Phuong Ho), International Journal of Industrial Organization, 53 (2017), pp. 63-98
  • 'Supply-based dynamic Ramsey pricing with two sectors: Avoiding water shortages', Water Resources Research, 51 (2015), pp. 669-684.
  • 'Optimal pricing of water: Optimal departures from the inverse-elasticity rule', Water Resources Research, 49 (2013), pp. 7864–7873.
  • 'Structural econometric methods in auctions: A guide to the literature' (with Hickman, Brent R. and Timothy P. Hubbard), Journal of Econometric Methods, 1, 1 (2012), pp. 66–105.
  • 'International competitiveness and the unit-labor-cost-based competitiveness index' (with Keyder, Nur and Muhammed K. Ozturk), METU Studies in Development, 1 (2004), pp. 43–70.

Working papers

  • 'Welfare implications of water shortages: Higher prices or desalination'.
  • 'Downside risk in reservoir management' (with Catarina Roseta-Palma).
  • 'Market structure, information sharing and efficient environmental taxes' (with Jihad Elnaboulsi and Wassim Dahery).

Work in progress

  • 'Commuting and residential decisions in the greater Wellington region' (with Mairead de Roiste and Toby Daglish).
  • 'Joint decisions vs. Individual preferences' (with Mairead de Roiste and Toby Daglish).
  • 'Clustered errors in logit models' (with Toby Daglish and Oliver Robertson).
  • 'Finite sample induction in financial markets' (with Peter Watkins).
  • 'New Zealand dairy: A look at global dairy trade (GDT) and forward trading strategies' (with Toby Daglish and Cameron Judge).
  • 'Supply adjustment in multi-unit auctions: The case of dairy auctions from New Zealand' (with Toby Daglish and Jack Robles).


Teaching in 2018